6 Simple Tips to Motivate Students

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12th June 2021

The following are six simple ways to motivate students.

1. Empower Students to Take Ownership of Their Learning

Students who feel empowered to take ownership of their learning will take responsibility for their own learning. Also, it will be intrinsically motivated to achieve goals that they set for themselves. These students will be more engaged in the classroom and learn better.

A student who is not empowered is often disengaged, does not want to participate in class. And is more likely to get frustrated when things don’t go his or her way (If you want a detailed explanation of how you can empower your students, read The Motivation Breakthrough.)

2. Set Specific Goals with Students and Track Their Progress on a Weekly Basis

If you are a classroom teacher, setting specific goals with your students on a weekly basis will motivate them to achieve those goals. It is also important that you track the progress of each student on a weekly basis.

So that they can see how they are doing against their goal and what areas they need to improve upon if they fall behind or ahead of schedule.

3. Give Students Frequent Feedback on Their Progress

Giving students frequent feedback on their progress. It will motivate them to achieve their goals and give them a sense of accomplishment. If you are a classroom teacher, it is important that you check in with your students on a regular basis to see how they are doing and what areas they need to improve upon.

If you are not a classroom teacher, it is important that you give your students frequent feedback on their progress. And the impact that they are having through their work with your organization.

4. Celebrate Accomplishments with Students

Celebrating accomplishments with students will motivate them to achieve more goals in the future. If you are a classroom teacher. Take time at the end of each quarter or semester to celebrate accomplishments with your students.

When celebrating accomplishments, focus on small wins rather than only large accomplishments. So that all of your students feel recognized for their hard work.

It is also important that when celebrating accomplishments, focus on things that are within the control of the student. So that he or she feels empowered rather than frustrated if he or she doesn’t achieve something he or she was aiming for.

5. Celebrate Successes within Your Organization with Your Employees and Clients

Celebrating successes within your organization will motivate employees and clients to be even more successful in the future. Take time each week or month to celebrate successes within your organization.

So that everyone can feel recognized for his or her hard work. When celebrating successes within your organization, make sure that everyone feels included.

So that no one feels left out and disappointed if he or she doesn’t get recognition for his or her efforts because someone else was recognized instead of him or her.

6. Ask Yourself How You Can Make Things Easier for Your Students/Employees/Clients/Customers

Students, employees, clients, and customers will be more motivated to achieve goals if they are not overwhelmed by the tasks that they need to complete.

Make sure that you ask yourself how you can make things easier for your students/employees/clients/customers. So that they can focus on achieving their goals rather than worrying about the time and effort it takes to achieve them.

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