A brief summary of the Education System in Indonesia

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17th April 2023

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The education system in Indonesia is based on the Dutch model. It consists of a 6-year primary education, 3-year junior high education, and 3-year senior high education.

The school year in Indonesia is from June to March. The education system is divided into the following levels:

  • 6-year primary education (SD)
  • 3-year junior high education (SMP)
  • 3-year senior high education (SMA)
  • 4-year university education (D4)
  • 4-year university education (S1)

What are the types of Universities in Indonesia?

There are three types of Universities in Indonesia those are; public universities, state universities, and private universities.

Public universities are below Indonesian government. This type of university typically has a large number of alumni around the country. Moreover, It is also established from a very long time. In fact, These public universities are considered to be among Indonesia's best.

State universities are established by the government with the purpose of fostering knowledge and social progress. Consequently, the state universities in Indonesia have grown to become some of the country's most well-known institutions.

On the other hand, private universities are under the private parties and funded by tuition fees.

What is the best university in Indonesia?

One of the best university in Indonesia is UI (University of Indonesia) here is some short brief of the university itself:

University of Indonesia (UI) is the first and the oldest university in Indonesia. The history of UI goes back as far as 1928. Moreover, it is well-known for its academic excellence in the fields of social sciences, economics, humanities, and medical sciences.

The university has several campuses including Pasar Kampus, Jalan Gajah Mada, Gambir, and Gajah Mada. Additionally, University of Indonesia has a total of 35,000 students and 1,500 faculty members.

What is the school life like in Indonesia?

The school life for most Indonesian students is similar to the school life in Singapore. For instance, The morning assembly happened before school and morning classes begin. After their final lesson, students have a 15-minute recess break.

The lunch takes place in the cafeteria. Most schools have three sessions for the day: morning session (8:00-11:00), afternoon session (11:00-15:00), and night session (15:00-18:00).

What are the rules in Indonesia?

Indonesian students have to wear decent clothing in school. You should wear black or white shoes and black socks. In addition, shorts should be long enough that they cover the knee area.

Similarly, the skirt should be knee length. You should wear a white singlet with a black long-sleeved shirt or blouse.

You should always wear a school bag with the school’s logo on it. However, the high heels shoes are prohibited to wear in the school areas.

What is the Indonesian language like?

Indonesia is a country with a very diverse language. In addition, Many people in Indonesia speak at least two languages. Indonesian is a primary language widely in the country.

It is a standard form of the Malay language. Most of the words vocabulary are similar. However, there are some major differentiation.

It also has absorbed some Dutch words and the other local languages spoken in Indonesia, especially Javanese. Accordingly, the Javanese language is famous for its “ng”, which is a sound that is very similar to the English “ng”.

The “ng” appears in many Indonesian words. For example, the word “kangen” is a Javanese word that means “to miss”. The “ng” sound in this word is adapted from the Javanese language.

What is the best school in Indonesia?

The best school in Indonesia is the International School of Jakarta. In the same way, the location of this school is in Jakarta. The school has two campuses, one located in the North Jakarta and the other located in the Central Jakarta.

This private school has Ministry of National Education accreditation. In addition, It has another accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The school is an international school and offers education in the English language. Moreover, the schools provides the integration of education from the kindergarten level to the 12th grade level.

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