All About the 3 T’s of Training Process: Timely, Targeted, Technology

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18th April 2023

All About the 3 T’s of Training: Timely, Targeted, Technology

Training process is one of the most important part for the employee before they enter the company. . The purposes can be walking, learning how to read or reach academic excellence, and becoming successful in what we do.

Just like humans need the training to be successful, employees at an organization require training process for the organization to be successful. 

What is training? 

Training process refers to the enhancement of human resources' capacity to accomplish the organization's desired goals by improving their knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

It is any set of activities and methods used in education, experience, and any combination thereof to teach pupils and students systematically.

It is also a way of providing knowledge, skills, or insight to improve individuals and teams.

We often train people to use equipment or processes that require special knowledge, skills, insights, and abilities. People do training through various methods, including lectures, listening to others, reading, or practicing a skill. 

Training is an essential aspect for an organization. The company cannot run without the well-trained employees. An organization cannot also fulfill its mission statement or vision statement and thus will operate at a loss.

Mission or vision can be referred to as the organization's ultimate aim that reflects the organization's purpose. 

We can incorporate training into the mission or vision statement to help the employees understand and get involved in the organization's process.

What are the 3 T's of training? 

There are 3 efficient ways of imparting training that is also otherwise known as The 3 T's of Training which is:

Timely training

Timely training is one of how training can be ergonomic.

They direct it at the employees and their immediate supervisor to help develop skills and knowledge to improve the daily work activities of the employees.

Data suggests that employees who receive timely training are more likely to be productive and satisfied in their jobs. 

Targeted Training

Targeted Training is one of how training can be economical. We can do this in various ways, such as using information from the employee's training history and career development plans.

It can also use data from the employee's training needs analysis to determine the most critical training needs.  

We also know targeted training as Right Person — Right Job training. Targeted training also allows an employee to pace and immerse themselves in the organization's workflow. 

Technology Training

Technology is an essential member of today's society as we navigate life through a pandemic.

It is essential in training because it allows the mobility of training for the employees. 

An organization needs to have adequate means to communicate with its employees. This develops an efficient learning environment.

We can do this through technology such as email, mobile apps, and the personal interface of the organization.  

When the 3 factors are important. Training can be efficient in helping an organization accomplish its goals. In addition, combining the 3 factors can lead to the ‘aha moments’. It will either enlighten or change the way employees feel.

An organization's "human" resource brings in improved "economic" resources.

Thus, when an employee is happy with their work and the organization. That leads to enhanced performance. This profits the organization. 

What are SMART Goals? 

With the 3 T's of training - S.M.A.R.T goals. The organization can achieve these goals. For example, a SMART goal is a concept by Professor Robert S. Rubin of Saint Louis University.  The visionary goals are:

Specific: An smart goal is sensible and straightforward. E.g., A new independent business owner of an e-candle store wants to sell 150 candles for December.

Measurable: A smart goal is motivating and quantifiable. Wecan measure and evaluate. E.g., The independent business owner is charging $20 for each candle, so the total profit they make can help them during the holiday season.

Achievable: A smart goal is also feasible. It is not something that is out of bounds from one's capacity. E.g., 150 candles are something that the independent business owner knows they can make and sell with the knowledge or prior experience.

Relevant: The smart goal is also appropriate, meaning it is meaningful and connected to the end goal and purpose. E.g., The independent business owner of the e-candle store wants to sell 150 candles for this month to help with the holiday purchases.

Timely: A smart goal is time-bound as well. E.g., in this instance, the goal is set in a time-specific manner for the holidays. 

SMART Goals can help optimize the training provided to the employees. It can also maximize the chances of the employees achieving their goals and duties.

With the 3T's of Training and SMART Goals set in place, both an organization and its employees can benefit from each other.

They can serve each other to bring forth the financial resources and meet the mission and vision of an organization. 

How Can Training Employees be Beneficial for an Organization?

A company can benefit from training employees by having a workforce that consists of well-trained and skilled employees.

Training employees also helps them to have a better mindset and work ethic. This results in the employees being more determined, dedicated, and committed to the company.

The workforce helps the company to be more efficient and productive. A well-trained crew will also help the organization reduce its losses and risks.

Training provided to employees is beneficial for the organization in the long term. Employees with this training will have better skills and abilities to do their job.  

They can perform their jobs efficiently and effectively and are more likely to stay with the organization. In addition, trained employees are more likely to produce a positive outcome for the organization, thus benefiting the organization. 

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