How can parents be active participants in children’s studies?

Written By: Cudy

11th May 2021

Some of the best learning happens in families when parents get involved. Here are some ideas:

Have your child show you what he or she is learning. Do the math problems together, or look at the pictures in a book. Make it a special time to learn together.

Share books with your child. Many teachers use a book as a guide for the unit they are studying.

Then use that same book at home with their students and their families. It’s always fun to learn about something you enjoy together!

Play games that have educational value!

Most children love games and will enjoy learning while playing them!

You can make up some of your own games to play with your child, or buy one of many fun games designed for this purpose (check out our list of favorite board games).

Ask questions about what your child is learning.

Try to understand what is being taught in school and how it applies to life outside of school (what does it mean when we say that something is bigger than something else?).

Keep asking questions until you understand – not just so you can get an A+ on a test, but because learning is fun!

In summary, it is important to remember that while parents and teachers have different roles, we all want the same thing.

For children to learn and grow. Children need to know that parents and teachers are on the same team – and this can happen when we work together.

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