Is the eLearning Platform Cudy the New Social Network for Educators?

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1st July 2021

There are many social networks online for educators. The most popular of these networks would be Duolingo, Quizlet, and Cudy. The eLearning platform was a concept that was being developed for a while, and recently the public has started to discover it more.

What is Cudy?

Nowadays, online learning has become popular amongst students and professionals. The lessons are readily available, and the teachers can share their knowledge on a broad level.

However, the process of finding a suitable lesson can be quite time-consuming and expensive in some cases. This is where Cudy comes in.

Cudy is a unique online learning platform that simplifies the process of finding lessons and tutorials by connecting students with teachers and tutors in their vicinity. Students can find lessons on all levels of learning from primary school to further education and be guided by experienced tutors online.

How Cudy Works

The platform is available online, where students can create a profile and search for fitting lessons. The app is designed to be user-friendly from the first moment you open it.

It is also effortless to find tutors; simply search using the location, the teacher’s fees per hour, or the study level. Students can also search for teachers based on their fees per hour. There is a range of lessons available from history, science, language to mathematics lessons.

The Features of Cudy

As an eLearning platform, the Cudy platform also offers many features and contents, aside from browsing tutors, to add to the experience. These features include:

1. Cudy Dashboard

As a student, the Cudy dashboard is the main page to access all your lessons, tutor and courses. The dashboard offers an easy-to-follow menu structure that allows students to find what they are looking for quickly.

Here you can also add your personal information if you wish and create a profile. As a tutor, the dashboard allows you to advertise your services and also monitor your students.

2. Study Lessons

There are many lessons available on the Cudy platform, and new lessons are added regularly. You can select the right topics for your lessons by filtering the content from beginner to expert. The lesson content includes streaming videos, audio files and PDFs. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions to help you with your studies.

3. Tutor & Student Community

The Cudy community offers valuable information for students and tutors to learn more about the eLearning platform. It serves as a place to discuss ideas and share experiences with other students and tutors.

4. Cudy’s Blog

Cudy is always on the lookout for new content and the latest news. The Cudy blog is a collection of interesting articles covering language learning topics, tips and tricks, and guides for students and teachers alike. Here, you can also keep up with all the latest trends in education, from education technology to school policies.

5. Study Shop

Aside from courses and articles, the Cudy Study Shop also offers a range of essentials through its partners. These partners include AbeBooks, Nike, Ann Taylor, Sports Direct, and many more.

You can also find a range of study materials such as workbooks, books, and study material in the Cudy Study Shop. Many of these are exclusive to the platform and include unique offers for students.

Is Cudy the New Social Network for Educators?

Cudy is a social learning network. It has many of the same features that are available on most other social networks. Students can connect with teachers, and teachers can connect with other teachers. It is also possible to write on the Feeds, send messages, and chat with other members on the network.

However, the difference between Cudy and social networks like Facebook or Twitter is that it is solely aimed at teachers, students, or parents.

What Makes it Unique

As a social networking platform that exclusively targets teachers and students, Cudy has a unique selling point. As it provides free lessons and tutorials, Cudy helps tutors gain more experience to teach students more effectively.

In conclusion, the social networking platform Cudy is truly revolutionary as it allows students to learn from their peers, teachers, and tutors more affordably. It offers a way for teachers to gain experience and share their knowledge and for students to learn more effectively than on other platforms.

Furthermore, Cudy is also very user-friendly with an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for students or teachers to find what they are looking for in no time.

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