Medicine as a career: Is it the right path for your child?

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12th May 2021

The right path for your child will depend on many factors, including your child’s interest, skills, and personality. For some students, medicine is the perfect fit. For others, it is not.

What to consider when deciding whether medicine is the right career path for your child:

There are many different medical specialties to choose from. Each requires a different amount of schooling and a different lifestyle. You may want to ask your doctor about his or her specialty and the lifestyle it entails.

It can take more than 10 years of school to become a doctor. You need to consider how much time you want your child to spend in school.

Most medical students spend four years in college (undergraduate), four years in medical school (graduate), and one year in residency training (post-graduate).

Your child may also need to take a year off during medical school. Also residency training for research or travel opportunities.

Also, there are two options for residency training after medical school:

three years of general medicine followed by one year of subspecialty training or three years of subspecialty training followed by one year of general medicine training.

A career as a doctor requires many hours outside of class and study time, especially during the first few years after graduation from medical school.

Most doctors work 60 hours per week during their first few years after graduation, often at multiple jobs. If you have other children at home who require attention from you or other caregivers. You may not be able to spend as much time with them.

As you would like while your child is in medical school and residency training. This can be stressful on families with children who have special needs or who need extra attention at home.

Because they are not doing well in school or sports activities or have behavior problems at home or in social situations.

Doctors are constantly exposed to diseases and conditions that most people never see—or do not even know exist—and this can be difficult for some children. Who might prefer not to know what some illnesses look like before they get sick themselves someday (for example, cancerous tumors).

Some children also do not like being around blood and will be very uncomfortable seeing patients bleed. While doctors are trying to help them recover from injuries or sicknesses that cause bleeding.

What if my child does not want to be a doctor?

There are many career paths that require a medical degree. Including work in public health, biomedical research, health care administration, pharmaceuticals, and other medical industries.

A medical degree can also lead to law school or medical school administration positions.

In summary, it is important to be honest with yourself and your child. About what you can expect if he or she decides to become a doctor.

You need to decide whether you are willing to accept the many challenges that will come with being a doctor.

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