Online Tuition: What do other Parents and Tutors think

Written By: Alexander Lim

18th June 2018

The trend of Online Tuition in Singapore

Online tuition in Singapore is a growing trend among students. Students often have little time for their own personal commitments and spend less time interacting with their friends and family.

Parents receive the pressure to seek help for their children in school to help them find solutions to cope with the high stress of being a student in Singapore.

As such, private tutors and tuition centers offering the help that students need and that parents seek often saturate the tuition industry in Singapore. Find out more about what parents and tutors from the UK think about it.

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Tuition Providers in Singapore

With the concept of virtual learning in Singapore, platforms such as Cudy, offering online tuition in Singapore, is helping students and parents by providing them an aggregated list of online tuition service providers in Singapore.

Cudy makes it simple for students and parents to find, browse, book and attend online tuition classes as every process in integrated into the platform itself, without a need to download or use any third-party software.

Written by

Alexander Lim

Alexander is the Founder and Chief Executive of Cudy, heading the company’s business development, partnerships, collaborations, marketing and fundraising.

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