What are the tips you should consider for better composition writing?

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17th April 2023

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Tips on How to Write a Composition

Make an outline.

An outline is essential for the composition writing. The outline will help you to organize your ideas and present them in a logical order. There are many ways to make an outline for your composition writing.

The most common way is to write a thesis statement, main points, supporting details, and conclusion in the format of an essay.

Choose an interesting topic.

The topic of your composition should be interesting for the readers so that they will be motivated to read it and remember it later on.

Think about your own interests and hobbies or try to think about something that you can research easily.

Prepare examples and details to support your ideas.

Your examples should not be too long or too short; they should be just enough to explain the point you want to make without distracting from it or repeating it unnecessarily.

Examples can include quotes from experts, facts, statistics, anecdotes or personal experiences as well as definitions of key terms used in the essay writing process

Create a rough draft and revise it until you are satisfied with its content and style.

After you have completed your outline, you can start writing your rough draft; write down everything that comes into your mind at first.

But do not worry about how it sounds or looks at this stage of writing process because you will revise everything later on.

Once you have written all points that support your thesis statement, go back through them and choose only those which are relevant.

Correct and clearly express what you want to say; revise all grammar mistakes as well as style errors while doing this step of composing process


In conclusion, composition writing is a great way to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings in a structured and organized manner.

If you follow the tips we have mentioned above, you will be able to create an excellent composition on any topic.

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