5 Easy Steps to Help Your Child Move On from Playgroup to Kindergarten in Singapore

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24th April 2023

5 Easy Steps to Help Your Child Move On from Playgroup to Kindergarten in Singapore

A child’s first year of school is a major milestone. It marks the transition from playgroup to kindergarten, and a big change in your child’s life.

Many parents wonder how they can prepare their child for this big change, and if there are things they can do to make the transition easier.

Here are 5 easy steps you can take to help your child prepare for school:

1.Visit the Kindergarten Your Child Will Be Attending

The first step in preparing your child for school is to visit the kindergarten he or she will be attending.

Find out what the day-to-day activities are like, and familiarise yourself with the surroundings. This will help ease any anxiety your child may have about going to school.

2. Prepare Your Child for School

As a parent, you can help your child prepare for school by reading books and talking about school with him or her.

Some parents even bring their children to the school they will be attending to get them familiar with the surroundings.

Talk to your child about what his or her new school will be like, and what he or she can expect from it.

Let your child know that you are excited for him or her to start kindergarten or playgroup, and that you will be proud of him or her when he or she does well in class.

3. Make Sure Your Child is Well-Rested and Fed Before Heading Off to School

To help ease any anxiety your child may have, make sure he or she has well-rested and fed before heading off to school in the morning.

A sleepy child is more likely to get upset if he is fatigue and hungry, which can lead to tantrums.

Be sure your child has a good breakfast before leaving home so that he won’t be hungry while at school, which could also lead to tantrums in class.

This will also help ensure that your child gets enough sleep at night. So that he can rest in the morning when it’s time for him to go off to kindergarten or playgroup.

4. ́Encourage Your Child to Say “Bye” to You

If your child is anxious about going to school, encourage him or her to say “bye” when you drop him or her off at school. This will help your child feel more independent and in control of his own actions.

It will also help your child realise that he is going to be away from you for a short while, but that he will be back soon.

5. Be Patient with Your Child

A new environment can be overwhelming for a young child, especially if he or she is away from his parents for the first time.

To help ease any anxiety your child may have, try not to rush him or her into doing things like eating breakfast or getting dressed quickly in the morning.

If you are rushing your child, he or she may end up feeling stressed and get upset instead of enjoying his time at school.

Acknowledge that this transition may take some time for your child to adjust to, and try not to push him too hard too fast.

If you are patient with your child and let him take things at his own pace, it will make the transition easier for both of you.

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