7 Tips To Create Extended Enterprise Online Training On A Tight Budget

Written By: Cudy

7th August 2021

1. Get your technology people involved early in the process.

They can help you avoid mistakes that could lead to problems later on.

2. Test everything.

You can’t have a successful online training without testing, so make sure you test your video, audio, computer, and server software before the training begins.

3. Plan ahead and stick to your plan as much as possible.

When you’re dealing with online training, flexibility is not an option; it’s a necessity!

4. Make sure that all participants know what to expect when they come to the online training site.

This includes everything from where they should be seated at the beginning of the session to how long they should be at their computers for each day of the training event (don’t forget about breaks!). If possible, show them a demo before they come in for their own training session to know what to expect when they get there.

5. Make sure that all participants have a reliable Internet connection and plenty of time.

Before the start of each session, it is important to make sure that they are ready for your training event when it begins. In other words, don’t schedule your sessions during lunchtime or right before a break.

6. Provide some type of introductory video.

This could help to get everyone in the mood for your training event.

7. Don’t forget to keep your online training fun and engaging.

Remember, people learn best when they are relaxed and having fun!

Follow these seven tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful online training event that your employees will enjoy and benefit from.

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