7 Tricks to Maintain Attention Span in Young Children

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14th April 2023

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Many young learners have difficulty to stay still and focus in class. But as students get more test and homework, they need to learn on how to sit, study, and get things done.

In order to do this, they need help from either their tutors or parents. Keeping learning environment active and fun are great way to grab children attention.

These are seven strategies that educators or parents can try to help their children to focus:

  1. Go straight to the projects. Don’t wait too long to start a new assignment or task, it is harder for children to concentrate. Try to breaking one big theme into chunks so that children don’t have to do the entire task all at one sit, the important thing is to not stop in the middle of it.
  1. Mindfulness is key. Studies have shown that breathing practice can help kids improve their attentiveness and behaviour. Taking a few minutes of deep breath rounds before class could make a big difference for children.
  1. Simplify directions. It could be difficult for children to listen, remember, and follow more than one or two directions at one go. Try not overload them with bombardment of to-do-list, instead give them clear simple instruction one after another.
  1. Set time limit. This not only works for children, but mostly also for adults too. When someone knows there’s a limit on how long they have to focus on something, usually it makes them work more efficiently. You can increase the amount of time little by little as your child gets better at concentrating.
  1. Mix up your teaching styles. Traditional setting of class is more teacher-centered where teacher provides all the materials and ‘feeds’ the students. Try to encourage students to be more proactive in the learning process to by letting them express their ideas. Open discussion is also a great way to increase their critical thinking.
  1. Be open to all kind of thing that might be works because everyone has their or preference method to stay focus. Some do better in total quiet environment, while other can study best with music on. The thing is, everyone is different, what works for you might not works for your child.
  1. Putting on strategies to get back on track once student are drifted, because even the most diligent child can be distracted too. Come up with some kind of signal when it happens, it can be a simple clap, specific ‘magic word’, or anything.

In principle, teaching online is no different from teaching face-to-face. These tips would work just perfectly in any kind of teaching situation.

Once students can feel your positive energy, they will be more encouraged to participate actively! With all these tips in place, you can feel more confident about your online teaching skills.

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