Be a Successful Student in Singapore With These Routines

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23rd April 2023

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Sticking into your study habits will surely help you become a successful student in Singapore. Setting up goals for your studies can absolutely make learning and schooling more efficient. With these routines, you will be able to achieve your goals, dreams, and have excelling results academically. 

If these routines are practiced repeatedly, they will be a part of your daily life; and will not just help you to excel academically, but also helps you to be a well-rounded person. It will also help you to be tough when facing new challenges along your way and confident when learning new abilities. 

Be Aware of Time & Schedule

Keeping your schedules organized will help you become more responsible about committing to a certain task. Being mindful of your time and schedule is an important skill in your life – and you will be needing it for the rest of your life. It will help you how to prioritize things, make you a more disciplined individual, and will also help you in different scenarios. To help yourself build this routine, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What are the things or tasks you need to complete today? 
  • Are you being productive today?
  • When do you work better? Is it after you took your dinner or after your school classes?

By being mindful of your time and schedule, everything will be in order and there will be no hassles in your studies. 

Don't be Shy When Asking Questions & Sharing Your Opinions

Being a student in Singapore, it is common and natural for you to be shy when asking questions in front of many or sharing your thoughts about something. Well, in fact, you are not alone. Many students from other countries are just like that too – and that’s not a good thing to start with. Being shy when asking questions will not help you understand topics, instructions, and methods that you are confused about. Help yourself to be vocal when expressing thoughts and opinions as well as asking questions by starting to practice it in your home. 

Jotting Down Notes & Creating Concepts

Jotting down notes followed by coming up with a concept will help you understand better the subject you are studying or the process of a specific topic. Taking notes is not like copying words from what your teacher has written from the board, but it is a combination of written words as well as the words explained verbally. When taking notes, most students in Singapore and in many parts of the world are using keywords which help them to remember things when studying.

Be an Active Listener

Listening to your instructor is not enough. You need to be an active listener if you want to remember what your instructor is explaining. In this trait or skill, you can also build strong communication with the people around you. Furthermore, being an active listener will help you to become more productive as well as being able to negotiate, persuade, and influence others. Being a good and active listener means:

  • You are able to make eye contact with the person who is talking. 
  • You just listen to the person carefully and pay attention to everything that he or she is saying. 
  • You listen without formulating any response in your mind. 

As a Singaporean student, being an active listener will help you understand better each topic or subjects that are discussed by your teachers. 

Adopt a Growth Mindset

Adopting a growth mindset is a very important part of the learning process or every journey you will take. It will help you understand things positively. Believing to learn from your mistake will help you be more determined and motivated until you reach your goals. To nurture your growth mindset, focus on the things you have completed successfully and use your mistakes as your motivation to move forward. 

Studying and learning is a major component to become successful in life. That’s why we know how it is important for you and your parents. We, at Cudy, offer online tuitions which will help you learn more about certain subjects without the need to travel far from your home. With the use of your laptops, you can take our real-time video classes right after your school or during your vacation and school break.

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