Cudy Award: Asia’s Education Excellence Awards

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1st August 2018

Our team at Cudy is grateful and humbled to receive this education award.

World Education Congress, CMO Asia presented the Asia’s Education Excellence Awards with the CMO Council as its Strategic Partner and Stars of the Industry Group as a research partner.

They presented the Awards of the highest stature to individuals and institutions who have set an example of being a role model and exemplary leaders.

Individuals behind the institutions are building their Institutions through Leadership, Innovation, Academic and Industry Interface, and a supreme aim of Building future leaders.

Cudy Award: Asia's Education Excellence Awards - Education Leadership Award
Our CEO and Co-founder, Alexander Lim, receiving the Education Leadership Award accolade.

It’s an honour for us to stand alongside accolades from global universities such as NUS and NTU and the many universities from ASEAN and Hong Kong and together with big conglomerates. Cudy was the only startup represented at the awards.

Here are some other recipients of the Asia’s Education Excellence Awards:

  1. Lowe’s Mazuin Zin
  2. NTU’s Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Shirley Ho

We take pride as we receive this award amongst principals, deans, professors, education business leaders and NGOs.

Cudy is an online marketplace and platform offering online tuition in Singapore.

We strive to provide quality, affordable and high-quality education to our students. Cudy provides an environment that empowers students to make better decisions and take ownership of their education.

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