If I’m struggling with my study schedule, what should I do?

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17th April 2023

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If you're having trouble getting started studying, try using a timer or alarm to help motivate yourself into action. You can even make the timer part of your study session.

You could try to challenge yourself to get as much done. As you can in the time allotted (e.g., try to read through one chapter and answer all of the questions at the end in 10 minutes).

If you're having trouble sticking with your schedule. You may think about what's getting in your way and if there's anything that you can do to change that.

For example, if there are extra meetings at work every day this week. It might not be possible for you to spend an hour studying each day after work like you had planned.

Instead, think about what kind of schedule you could maintain. If you were only getting home from work at 6pm instead of 8pm. If you're finding it hard to maintain your schedule.

Because, of a demanding full-time job, consider scheduling study time for the weekends. Especially, when you have more free time or making an extra effort. In order to block out time on the weekend for assignments that require more focus and concentration.

Finally, if you're having trouble maintaining your motivation to study. Consider how this fits into your overall goals and where studying fits in with what else is going on in your life.

Think about whether there's anything else that's causing a distraction from studying. Also, how can you handle it in a healthier way without sacrificing the quality of your education.

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