Is Indonesia ready for Online Learning?

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4th June 2018

Indonesia has seen a rise in online learning, but it still remains low compared to the country’s neighbor Singapore.

Singapore is ready for Online Learning

As the government in Singapore is taking steps to introduce online learning to its schools starting from the Primary level, Singapore seems to be the first country in Southeast Asia to implement such an upgrade to its education system nation-wide. Given that Singapore is a small nation, has advanced communications and networking infrastructure, has a population that is digitally literate and a meritocratic society, it is relatively easier for such an initiative to kick-off given its favourable condition.

Is Indonesia ready for Online Learning?
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Indonesia, Are You Ready?

For larger countries, it is always more challenging to implement such drastic changes to its systems. As such, it is usually private companies that are the drivers of change and the ones spearheading the initiatives to advance nationwide movements, usually with the support from the local government. Given the generally difficult conditions for change to happen, there is however, one more sign that the Indonesian market is more ready for online learning that Cudy, currently offering online tuition in Singapore, has to offer.

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