The daily life of a Student Counsellors

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15th March 2021

Student counsellors help students deal with academic, social, emotional and/or personal problems. The welfare of the students is given first priority in this regard.

They also provide support for students who are facing challenges in life, and guide them to make the right decisions. They may also liaise with the student’s parents and teachers to offer them help.

What are some of the things that a Student Counsellor has to do?

As a student counsellor, the following are some of the things that you may have to do:

Identify and refer students with academic, social, emotional and/or personal problems to relevant offices.

Provide counselling to students in various areas such as career planning, study skills, stress management and relationship issues.

Attend workshops or trainings conducted by your school for further development.

Assist students with financial aid applications.

Manage the student’s personal files.

Provide academic support and advice to students, such as time management and exam preparation.

Communicate with parents to help them understand their children’s needs.

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