Top ‘secrets’ of successful education system in Singapore!

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17th April 2023

Top ‘secrets’ of successful education system in Singapore!

Are you curious to know what the top ‘secrets’ of the successful education system in Singapore are? If so, read on to find out!

Teaching students to be independent and self-motivated

In Singapore, students have taught to be independent and self-motivated. They learn that it is important for them to work hard on their own and not wait for others to do it for them.

Parents have also taught how they can help their children become more independent. Teachers even provide parents with specific tips and guidelines. On how they can help their children develop good study habits at home.

The focus is always on developing an environment where students had given opportunities. A successful education system encourages student to learn at their own pace and take responsibility for their own learning. This way, students develop strong character traits like perseverance, confidence, self-discipline, and resilience.

Allowing students freedom of choice in terms of what they want to learn or study

Singaporean students have a lot of freedom. Especially, when it comes to choosing what they want to learn or study at school. This includes choosing which school subjects. They want to take as well as which optional co-curricular activities (CCAs) they want to participate in outside of class hours.

There is no one curriculum that all schools must follow – instead, each school has the freedom to choose its own curriculum based on the needs of its students and the community that it serves.

Schools are also encouraged to teach their curriculum in ways that make sense for them and that cater best towards the learning styles of their students so that learning becomes more effective and engaging for everyone involved!

In summary, Singapore’s education system has proven to be a very effective one. This is especially true when it comes to teaching students good study habits and the ability to think independently. This is why many parents from all over the world have been sending their children to Singapore for education – so that they can also gain these important skills!

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