Virtual Learning and… Ballet? Find Out More!

Written By: Alexander Lim

21st April 2023

Virtual Learning Cudy

Virtual learning has become an increasingly popular means of education for both students and businesses. The increasing use of the internet and web technologies in general has created a plethora of new ways to learn. Some people are even using the internet to complete their high school education.

A New Frontier

Virtual Learning is changing the education industry globally.

One example of the application of Virtual Learning for education is Cudy's online tuition service in Singapore. Virtual Learning is a subset of the online learning space in education. This involves developing and leveraging Information and Communication Technology ("ICT") to realize the concept of real-time remote learning.

People have widely used live-streaming technology in the entertainment industry. Education Technology ("Edutech") companies such as Cudy specialises in using ICT for education.

The next frontier of online learning and how students learn is changing. The changes come from the companies delivering effective educational content in an interactive and convenient medium.

Virtual Learning and... Ballet? Find Out More!
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Redefining Possibilities

The preconceived notion is that online learning is only effective for theoretical subjects, or subjects that we can teach using a whiteboard.

As technology has proven time over that it is capable of redefining the way we live. As Virtual Learning is still at it's infancy stage, the ways it would be able to change how we learn is still taking shape.

At present, students have already seen Virtual Learning benefiting students around the globe by allowing them to learn from the mediums that they are familiar to: such as from their laptops and allowing them to organise their time more efficiently.

This helps students to focus their time on developing their skills and passion that they can do in the classroom. Learn how Tess Dimler, a High School student in Chicago, leverages the benefits of Virtual Learning to help her to realise her dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer.

Cudy is an online marketplace and platform offering online tuition in Singapore. We strive to provide an effective and convenient solution for those who want to learn or teach at home, while allowing them to monetize their skills.

Written by

Alexander Lim

Alexander is the Founder and Chief Executive of Cudy, heading the company's business development, partnerships, collaborations, marketing and fundraising.

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