What are the different types of Psychologists?

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24th April 2023

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Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist is a specialist who treats patients diagnosed with a mental illness. They offer diagnostic assessments, and treat patients through therapy.

Clinical psychologists are crucial members of the health system. They work in close collaboration with health care professionals. Near with the clinical settings such as hospitals, primary care centres, community mental health services, and private practice.

Clinical psychologists are also employed in school systems to provide psychological services to students.

Community Psychologists

Community psychologists work to prevent and reduce distress and to promote well-being within the community.

They work to improve the quality of life. In purposes, for the community members by helping build capacity of individuals. Along with, their families and groups within the community.

Industrial Psychologists

Industrial psychologists are concerned with improving job performance. This includes analyzing job requirements and organizing work activities in order to avoid fatigue.

They advise management on the most effective way to increase productivity, worker satisfaction, and job retention.

Educational psychologists

Educational psychologists are concerned with:

  • Assessment of gifted learners and students with special educational needs.
  • Classroom management and curricula planning.
  • Evaluation of school effectiveness.
  • Counselling and guidance of students and parents.
  • Career counselling for adolescents.
  • Advocacy for students within the school system.

Counselling psychologists

Counseling psychologists are concerned with helping people in distress. Normally, they usually work with individuals, families and groups, in a variety of community settings.

These include hospitals, mental health clinics, schools, corporations, private practice and community centres.

Counseling psychologists can further distinguish. In accordance, to whether they use psychodynamic or cognitive-behavioural strategies to guide people in distress.

Personality psychologists

Personality psychologists are specialists who treat patients with a diagnosed personality disorder. In addition, they conduct diagnostic assessments, which include an in-depth evaluation of a patient’s history and personality.

They may use a variety of therapy techniques, including psychoanalysis. In order to help the patients improve their ability. In fact, their main purpose is to relate successfully to others and to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

Industrial-organizational psychologists

Industrial-organisational psychologists are concerned with improving employee performance and enhancing corporate structures.

They may involve in recruitment, selection and training of employees, as well as designing job evaluation and reward systems.

They could participated in the design and implementation of training and development programmes. Especially, including the design of assessment tools to measure employees’ skills, abilities, knowledge and preferences.


Neuropsychologists are concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of brain damage and other neurological disorders. For instance, they may use a variety of psychological assessment methods.

Hence, the purpose is to evaluate a patient’s cognitive and emotional status, including assessing a patient’s ability to perform everyday activities.

Another common role of a neuropsychologist is the rehabilitation of patients, including the training of patients who have suffered brain damage, to improve or restore cognitive, emotional or behavioural functions.

A neuropsychologist may be involved in assessing, treating and rehabilitating a patient. Especially, for the patient whose brain damage has resulted from an accident, a stroke, a tumour, a degenerative brain disease, or other brain disorder.

School psychologists

School psychologists are concerned with the emotional wellbeing of students. Also, they concern of the quality of the educational environment, including the social, physical and cultural school environment.

An important aspect of the job of a school psychologist is to provide psychological assessments of students. In addition, to which often includes assessing a student’s intellectual ability, and assessing the student’s social and emotional competence.

A school psychologist may be involved in a variety of activities. Including providing consultation services to teachers, parents and school administrators.

They focused on how to improve the school environment, such as by examining and modifying curriculum and teaching strategies.

School psychologists may involved in counselling students, providing psycho-educational assessments to clarify learning problems, and help students develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills.

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