What is the preparation required to retake the O Levels?

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8th May 2021

Before you even think about retaking the O Levels, you need to spend time doing a few things. First, go through your O Level results and see what subjects you did well in and which ones you did not do so well in.

You should then find out why you did not do so well in those subjects. If it was because of lack of effort or understanding. Then take the time to review those areas and get a better understanding of them.

If it was because of poor test taking skills or nerves. You need to prepare yourself for retaking the O Levels by practicing for the test day environment.

If you were nervous during your first attempt at the O Levels. Then get used to taking tests under pressure so that when it comes time for your retake exam, it will be nothing new to you.

There are a number of ways that you can practice for your retake exams including having mock exams at school or asking teachers.

To help prepare some practice questions for you so that when it comes time for your retake exam, everything will be fresh in your mind.

What is the things you need on the day of my retake O Levels?

When it comes time for your retake exams on the day of your actual exam, make sure that you bring all necessary items with you such as identification cards and pencils (there are no pens allowed).

In addition, to this make sure that all materials have to fulfilled correctly. Such as, spelling mistakes on paper and marking on pages. Remember this is very important as teachers will be looking at these things when grading!

If there is anything that needs further clarification then don’t hesitate to ask. This is an important part of being prepared for your retakes!

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