When do you ask for an increase in the hourly rate as a private tutor?

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16th April 2023

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In general I have found that tutors who work for agencies don't ask for a raise until after a minimum of six months of service. In fact, it's not that the agencies don't want their tutors to ask for more money.

I guess they just need to see how hard the tutor works and if they do a good job, and if they are willing to work long hours.

When you are self employed you have to set your own rate, but you don't have to keep working at the same rate for very long. Specifically, if I were starting out as a private tutor I would set my hourly rate at $35 - $45. In addition, if I did a good job I would ask for a raise after the first two or three months.

What are some good reasons to ask for a raise?

You are a very hard worker.

You have a lot of experience or you know a lot about your subject.

You are willing to put in extra time or you are willing to work long hours.

You have a very good reputation and the family wants you to come back again and again.

You are willing to travel to the student's home. You have a very good command of English.

You are willing to do some part of your work by telephone.

You are willing to do a lot of preparation.

You are willing to do anything the student wants.

You are willing to do some work by email, fax or text message.

You can teach your student a special skill.

You have a good sense of humor and you are fun to be with.

You are a native speaker and you can help students with their pronunciation.

You are very patient or you have a very good sense of humor.

You have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

You are an excellent role model.

You are able to teach a student a lot about your own culture.

You are willing to help your student with other subjects.

You can help your student with other things besides their English.

You are the best tutor in your area.

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