When should you send your child to a motivational coach

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24th April 2023

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Absolutely not for children who have not reached the age of six. Children who are younger than six, still live in a world of fantasy. Their main problem is that they do not know how to share, and they do not understand the feeling of guilt.

Children under 6 years old do not need motivation, because they are in the preschool stage. After school begins, the problems begin.

Because there comes a time when such children begin to struggle to refuse from sweets and fatty foods, when they begin to show their independence and want to make every decision independently – at this time you need a motivational coach.

There are other situations when you need a coach: if your child has already seen his first “trouble” in school, or if he is constantly provoking conflicts with parents or peers – in these cases, you should immediately find a psychological mentor for your child.

Who can be your child’s motivational coach?

A child psychologist or a pediatrician – of course, they are professionals who know the psychological state of the child. But it’s one thing to be a professional, and another to have knowledge of psychology.

Therefore, you should not look for a specialist, but a psychologist who is able to work with children. It is important that the coach is able to establish good communication with your child and make him feel comfortable.

The psychologist must also be able to find out what drives the child and how to make him realize his own potential.

You can ask your friends or relatives about their experience with motivational coaches – maybe they have already worked with someone who can help you with your child.

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