Where Can I Find Students for Home Tuition?

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23rd April 2023

Where Can I Find Students for Home Tuition?

In Singapore, the online tutoring services market is a big industry, and it is increasing. In Singapore, more parents are becoming aware of the importance of home-based business such as the tuition industry in helping their children achieve their academic goals.

There are many reasons why students require home tuition services:

1. The student is struggling in a particular subject and needs help from private tutors.
2. The student wants to get extra tuition during school holidays or weekends for review purposes.
3. The student does not like the school teacher and prefers another teacher at home (this is common with parents involved in their child’s education).
4. The student needs more than what the school can offer (e.g., different learning methods).

In other words, students who need home tuition come from all walks of life in Singapore. Some are very good at school, and they want to catch up on particular subjects or do extra work.

Others are struggling and need help from a tutor to improve their grades. Some students want to have a change of environment when doing their homework.

Now, if you are a tutor working in tuition centres or directly with parents, you might wonder where you can find students for home tuition in Singapore. If you only target students from a particular school, you will likely run out of students very quickly.

There are many schools in Singapore, and it is unrealistic to expect that you can teach all the students from one school. So, how do you find students for your tutoring career in Singapore?

To answer this question, we will have to explore some marketing strategies that you can use to get more students.

Looking for Home Tuition Students from School

1. Approach parents who are waiting outside the school gate at the end of the school day.
2. Talk to parents when they pick up their children from after-school activities such as tuition classes, dance lessons, music lessons, etc.
3. Ask around if any parents are looking for a tutor for their child.
4. Contact the school if you are interested in teaching their students.
5. Visit the school during their open house days and talk to parents attending the event.
6. Talk to students from the school if you know any of them personally.

Aside from looking for students from school, you can also look for students in the following places:

1. Look for students at your local playground or community centre.
2. Talk to your friends and relatives.
3. Put up a notice board in your neighbourhood to advertise your services.
4. Put up an advertisement on online classified websites.
5. Put up an advertisement on job sites such as JobsDB, JobsCentral, etc.
6. Join an online forum and ask for referrals.
7. Join a tutor network or an agency that can provide you with students.
8. Make your own website and market your services online.

With that in mind, let’s look at some tips on how to advertise your services effectively.

Advertising Tips

1. Be clear about what you are offering. This is important because some parents may be looking for a tutor to help their child with homework, while others may be looking for a tutor to help their child prepare for an exam.

2. Write an attractive advertisement. Keep it simple and straightforward, but make sure that it is interesting enough to catch the attention of your target audience.

3. Include your contact details such as your name, phone number, email address, etc.

4. Attach your photo or a photo of yourself in the advertisement so that parents can see who they are dealing with.

5. Give a brief description about yourself, such as your educational background and the subject(s) that you are good at teaching. You can also include some testimonials from previous students if you have any.

6. Put up a banner on your website or blog and promote it online using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Be sure to add some keywords in the banner text so that people will easily find your website.

Where Will You Hold Your Home Tuition Classes?

After you have decided how you can get students, you need to make a lesson plan, schedule and find a suitable place to hold your in-person classes for students.

The place that you hold your one-on-one classes is an essential factor. It must be convenient for them to attend.

If it is not suitable, they will find it hard to participate in your classes. If you are not working in a tuition agency, you can hold your classes in your home or at the student’s home.

However, there are some requirements for holding classes in a private residence:

1. The house must be safe and clean.
2. The home must be in a quiet location.
3. There must be no disturbances from neighbours or family members.
4. There must be sufficient space for children to sit and study.
5. There must be sufficient lighting for children to read their books.

A tutor can also do in-person private tuitions in a small room or office in a commercial building, a cafeteria, or a canteen. If you have decided on the place to hold your classes, you need to decide on a schedule.

Make a Reguler Schedule

It would be best if you had a regular schedule so that students can make time to attend your classes. It is best to schedule your classes at the same time each week.

As for the lesson plan, you need to decide on the curriculum to teach your students. If you are teaching from a textbook, you can plan out the tuition lesson in advance.

If you are using your own materials, you need to plan out the topics you will cover and how long each subject will take. Therefore, be prepared and plan ahead before you start teaching.

The point here is that you have to start somewhere. Even if you do not have a reasonable response rate at first, it is still better than doing nothing.

And over time, as you get more experience in finding students for home tuition, your marketing efforts will be more effective.

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