Why Physics is important for Students

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12th February 2021

Physics is a fundamental discipline in chemistry and biology. This subject is also important for the students to understand themselves as well as their environment.

The applications of Physics are innumerable in our daily lives, but most of us don’t realize it.

For instance, the electric lights turns on/off by a switch. That works because of the workings of electromagnetic force, which governed by laws of physics.

The computers and smartphones have chips inside them. In fact, they work because they use electronic components such as capacitors, resistors and transistors etc. In which consists of from semiconductor materials like silicon.

All these devices work due to the laws of physics. The heart pumps blood through arteries and veins for circulation around the body all thanks to physics.

The motion of planets around the Sun is due to gravity which again depends upon laws of physics; without this phenomenon there would be no life on earth at all!

Life is itself based upon chemistry and biology. In addition, both depend upon principles of physics including chemical reactions that take place in living organisms.

The chairs you sit on, your glasses frames or spectacles etc. All contain metals such as steel and iron due to which they have good strength and can withstand strain or stress easily. Their properties has governed by laws of physics.

Various Principles of Physics

The subject Physics is also required for students to understand the functioning of machines such as automobiles, aircrafts etc. Because they use various principles of physics.

In short, the vast majority of our lives governed by the laws of physics. Hence, mastering this subject is very important to understand oneself, our environment and the world we live in.

In the past, Physics involved a lot of theoretical work, but students now have to learn this subject in a much more practical way. In this regard, understanding the application of physics is also important.

Students need to be aware of the ways in which they can use physics in their everyday life.

Along with, the advancement of technology. There is also a need for students to understand and use various technologies, such as manufacturing, electronics etc.

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