Will A.I replace the role of teachers?

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14th March 2021

The way students learn is changing rapidly. While in the past teachers had to teach a whole class at once, individualized teaching is becoming increasingly common.

“By the time you have everyone up to the same speed. It’s too late for kids who are falling behind already,” said Lori Taylor, executive director of the Center on Education Policy. “We need to be able to adapt and move with individual students.”

While this may make life easier for some teachers, others worry about the consequences on their livelihoods.

A machine could theoretically take over most of a teacher’s responsibilities. For example, the practice of grading papers, answering student questions and giving feedback.

Additionally, it could run without needing any training or pay increases to keep up with years of experience.

The same technology that makes this possible also opens opportunities. Especially, for those with disabilities to better communicate with their peers and teachers in a comfortable environment.

Developing artificial intelligence has been an arduous task for scientists and developers.

They are hoping to create machines capable of learning on their own or acting independently. In accordance on sensory data they receive from their environments.

The incredible advances of artificial intelligence machines

The field is now exploding as incredible advances. Also it is being made every single day (if you don’t believe me, just look at these). Machines can now process human speech, recognize faces and translate languages.

While it is possible to teach these machines how to accomplish these tasks, there are still questions about whether they can be really understand the meaning behind them.

It is also unclear whether teachers will have to undergo a similar training process as students to learn how to communicate with AI.

“The biggest issue that I see in the next decade for schools is not going to be how much money we have or what model we use, but how we deal with technology and not necessarily replace people but make better use of their talents,” said Sherry Madsen, executive director of the International Society for Technology in Education.

“How do you make sure that teachers are using technology and incorporating it into their work?”

As machines become more sophisticated and capable of learning independently, the demand for teachers will likely decrease.

Final thoughts

After all, there are already hundreds of thousands of jobs available in STEM fields that require an advanced degree or some previous experience.

However, if AI can learn how to think creatively and communicate with humans as well (or even better) than people do.

There are still plenty of opportunities for teachers to be valuable contributors to society.

“The most important role for school leaders is making sure that teachers are not disposable,” Madsen said. “How you handle the use of technology is one piece but we don’t want to lose what makes schools great.”

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