5 Reasons Your Child May Need Principles Of Accounts (POA) Tuition

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28th July 2021

What is Principles Of Accounts (POA)? 5 Reasons why your child may need Principles Of Accounts (POA) Tuition.

The Principles Of Accounts (POA) course is a Level 2 qualification. It delivered by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA).

That will increase a number of employers. It is a Business Studies or Business Studies Certificate.

Reasons why your child may need Principles Of Accounts (POA) Tuition

  1. POA is not taught as fully in school as you would like it to be

2. Your child has forced to learn POA by rote or is unable to understand the reasons behind POA

3. Your child is struggling to apply their knowledge in real-life situations

4. You want your child to achieve top grades in their A-Levels (or equivalent)

5. Your child would like to go to university to study a subject that requires good A-Level grades in POA

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