When Should You Send Your Child to a Psychologist?

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24th April 2023

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A mental health professional is the best choice to evaluate a child or adolescent for psychological problems. Sometimes parents or other adults have to refer a child or adolescent for help.

This article will provide some guidelines about bringing your child to child psychologists.

When should you send your child to a Psychologist?

Should you let your child see a therapist regularly? If the answer is yes, when should you start?

It depends on the child’s age and situation. Sometimes problems in a child’s home life can be solved by counseling with his parent.

In other cases, like when a child is having trouble at school, a psychologist can help the child succeed in the classroom and gain confidence.

What can a Psychologist do for you?

A psychologist can:

Help your child develop new skills and better deal with problems using strategies that work.

Teach your child ways to manage stress and anxiety. For example, some students with learning disabilities find it difficult to stay on task in class because they’re easily distracted by other things happening around them.

A psychologist can help students develop strategies to stay focused in class (for example, taking notes, using a planner).

Help children or teens cope with depression, anxiety or stress that may go along with having certain conditions or diseases (such as diabetes).

Children who have attention deficit disorder need to learn how to focus their attention when they’re learning something new.

A psychologist can help them with this skill by teaching them how to use positive self-talk and relaxation techniques.

The psychologist might also teach your child ways to block out distractions while he works on a task (for example, listening to slow music or closing his eyes for a few minutes).

Apsychologist can also teach parents some of these strategies, so your child can practice them at home.

Help children or teens with learning disabilities or problems in school succeed by teaching the child new skills and teaching parents how to help their child at home.

How do you choose a psychologist?

A psychologist should have advanced training in psychology and be licensed by the state. A psychologist can’t diagnose a condition or disease but should be able to refer you to a physician if necessary for a medical diagnosis.

If your child is struggling in school, talk with his teacher and principal first. They might be able to help solve the problem without using counseling services.

If they can’t, ask them for a recommendation for a psychologist that works with kids who have similar problems.

You can also check with your employer or insurance provider for recommendations (or check the phone book).

Visit the psychology association website for more information on finding the right therapist for your child.

How do you know if the psychologist works with kids?

A psychologist who works with children should have experience treating young people and be familiar with the problems they face at school.

The psychologist should be willing to work with you and your child or teen to set goals and develop a treatment plan.

What questions should I ask a psychologist before setting up an appointment?

Psychologists can’t diagnose a child, but they can help you sort out your concerns and set up an individualized treatment plan. Before you make an appointment, think about the following questions:

How long have you been working with kids? How often will my child need to come for treatment? What kinds of things will my child need to work on at home? Will my child need to come for treatment after school?

Do I need to bring any paperwork (such as test scores) when I come for an appointment? Can you suggest other helpful resources in our community (for example, social workers, counselors)?

If your child is struggling in school, visit his teacher or principal first. They might be able to help solve the problem without using psychological counseling services.

If they can’t, ask them for a recommendation for a psychologist that works with kids who have similar problems.

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