Are Teachers Respected Enough in Singapore?

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17th April 2023

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Yes, they are. Actually, they’re very important in the context of a school system like Singapore’s. Teachers in Singapore receive very good salaries and enjoy competitive working conditions. The same can’t be said for public sector workers in most countries around the world. So teachers are well paid and hence, respected members of society. In a place like Singapore where educators have been given such a high level of respect. I’d say it’s a good idea to teach future educators that they are important and valuable members of society. Similarly, we should also tell young Singaporeans that the country needs them to be good teachers too.

What sort of positions can be filled by foreign teachers?

Anything really, as long as the candidates have the required skills and experience. I won’t focus on the specific positions here because it’s more about your own personal situation and qualifications. For example, if you want to come to Singapore to be a teacher in a primary school. Then, you need certain qualifications and experience. If you want to come here specifically to work in a secondary school or tertiary institution like university or polytechnic. Then there are more requirements for those roles than just your teaching credentials. Keep in mind that any role in a school will require you to pass a strict vetting process. Before you can get hired on the ground here. So don’t expect everything to happen overnight for you!

How is there a shortage of teachers in Singapore if there is so much demand for them?

The reason why there is a shortage of teachers in Singapore. That's simply because the government has been bringing in thousands of foreign workers every year. In order to fill in available positions. This, coupled with the fact that the education system that exists. There are much demand makes it harder for locals and permanent residents to get jobs. You have to consider that not everyone can be hired by the ministry of education to be a teacher here. In fact, most people who apply are rejected even though they think they’re qualified. So given all these factors, the government has turned to importing teachers from other countries instead.

What are some of the biggest problems facing foreign teachers in Singapore?

The biggest problem faced by many foreign teachers in Singapore has gone on for decades now – what constitutes discrimination against foreign workers? I’m sure you know that discrimination isn’t right but still, many foreigners here feel like they don’t get enough respect or proper treatment from people at times. Some people go as far as saying that expats who live and work in Singapore should be paid salaries higher than locals because they contribute more to society via their work.

How many foreign workers are currently in Singapore?

According to the ministry of manpower, there are more than a million foreign workers in Singapore! Of course, some of these workers are also here on long term social visit passes. I’m sure you know that these permits or “S” passes can be renewed but not converted into work permits or employment passes. So if someone is here on an S pass and wants to switch over to a work permit. They will have to exit the country first and then apply for a new work permit from overseas. Some people also come on business visas which allow them to work for as long as their visas last. This can usually be up to three months or even longer in some cases. All in all, people come here for various reasons but the point is that there are thousands of foreigners living and working here legally every day! Cudy Marketplace provide the online counselling experience service. Please remember that talking to someone who listens to you is always beneficial. In Cudy, you can talk with a professional counsellor anywhere at time and in any location to help you with any issues you might have.

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