Are Tuition or Enrichment Centres Used a Lot by School Students in Singapore?

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27th September 2021

Students who have difficulty with their education studies usually use tuition centres or enrichment centres. The tuition centre gives students more support and better guidance in their education studies.

Most tuition centres offer private tutoring services to Singaporean students who need help with their school work. The tuition centre provides lessons on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Some tutors at the tuition centre may teach by using the blackboard, computer or any other methods they use in teaching in their classes. Others may also give extra tutorial classes for some subjects that secondary students find difficult.

Some of these tutors also offer supplementary classes such as English Language, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry classes.

These are additional classes that students can take after school hours in order to improve their education results in these subjects during their O-levels or A-levels exams.

Are tuition or enrichment centres used a lot by school students in Singapore?
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Benefit of Tuition Agencies

Tuition agencies provide many benefits to students who take lessons from them. Students who take lessons from a tuition centre tend to do better in their exams and education than those who do not have private tutoring lessons with them.

Private tutoring lessons allow students to be able to catch up on what they have missed out on during school hours due to other commitments such as sports and hands-on activities or physical classes.

Is Tuition Popular in Singapore?

So, are tuition or enrichment centres used a lot by school students in Singapore?

Since these centres help students to improve their results in school and give them the edge over their peers, they provide many benefits for parents and their children. Thus, tuition or enrichment centres are used a lot by school students in Singapore, as they are very beneficial to them.

There are many tuition agencies available in Singapore today. Many parents choose to send their children to tuition centres as they feel that these centres can help their children improve their results in school as well as help them with their weaknesses.

The tuition centres have many methods of teaching students. They can be either in-house or online lessons. Tuition centres that are in-house provide lessons at the tuition centre itself.

These tutors use different methods to teach students. Some tutors may use the blackboard, computers or other visual aids to teach students.

These tutors may also take the students for field trips to places such as museums and art galleries to allow them to learn more about their subjects through hands-on experience.

Online tuition in Singapore allows students to study from home. The teachers will assign homework for students and will also give feedback on how well they have done on their assignments.

Students who do not have time during school hours may choose to take online lessons from these Singapore online tuition centres as they can learn more when they are free and have time on their hands.

Tuition centre vs private tutor — which should you choose?

Both tuition centres and private tutors provide many benefits to students. However, tuition centres have the benefit of being able to help students with their weaknesses and give them more support in their studies.

They also provide supplementary online classes for students who need help with their weaker subjects. On the other hand, private tutors can provide lessons on a one-to-one basis and have the flexibility to schedule lessons according to the students’ convenience.

When students learn in a group setting, they can learn from each other and correct each other’s mistakes.

Are tuition or enrichment centres used a lot by school students in Singapore?
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On the other hand, one-on-one tutoring method is beneficial for students who are not confident in their own abilities. These students may be more willing to ask questions and ask for help if they have a private tutor.

Therefore, students should consider the different options that are available to them. Students who have a specific weakness or need help with a certain subject should choose a tuition centre that offers supplementary classes for their weak subjects.

Students who are more confident in their abilities and do not need help with any specific subject may choose to learn from a private tutor as this will allow them to learn at their own pace and schedule.

How much parents pay for tuition in Singapore?

Parents in Singapore had paid around $96,000 for tuitions and enrichment centres. This amount of money may vary according to the location of the tuition centre.

As for private tutors, the tuition fee may vary from one tutor to another. The fee may also depend on the subject that the student needs help with. However, the average rate for private tutors is around $15 – $130 per hour.

Some parents choose to send their children to private tutors instead of tuition centres as they feel that these tutors can provide more personalised lessons for their children.

Some parents feel that the tuition centres are too impersonal and cannot give students as much attention as a private tutor Singapore can. These parents may also choose to send their children to private tutors if they do not have time during school hours and weekends to take lessons from a tuition centre.

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