Tips To Do Well in an Oral Examinations

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16th April 2023

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Usually, oral examinations are done in an hour or less – and it has a huge contribution to your overall score in your language subject. Your grade depends on how you do well in your oral examination, aside from listening comprehensions and written examinations. 

Oral examination boosts your confidence to speak out yourself and it will judge you on how well you understand the topic. With oral examination, you are allowed to speak freely and let your opinions be heard. Many Singaporean parents are concerned about their child when it comes to oral examination – and that’s because they understand each of their strengths and weaknesses. 

Keep reading to learn how to do well in oral examinations so that you can guide them in boosting their confidence as they speak. 

Keep Practicing How to Pronounce Difficult Words

One of the main keys for efficient reading is to read fluently. One must pronounce each word, especially the difficult ones, clearly and with proper expression. If you will have an upcoming oral examination, then you must practice reading difficult words to broaden your vocabulary. 

Pause if There are Punctuation Marks

Many Singaporean students get nervous when it’s time for their oral exams – and read every sentence quickly just to finish the passage. However, rushing the passage is totally wrong. You need to identify and distinguish the punctuation marks in the piece you are reading – because you need to pause if you see one. For commas, you need to stop for a single beat, while for full stops you need to pause for two beats and if you will begin reading a new paragraph, wait until you finished the three beats. 

Be Professional Throughout the Examination

They say, the first impression truly matters. Don’t leave a bad impression by simply going to the exam venue before the said time. Oral examinations must be treated seriously, so be prepared before taking the exam, do the proper greeting, dress neatly, and smile. 

Share Your Life Experience as an Example

Since many Singaporean students get nervous during oral examinations, many of them simply reply to questions with a yes and no. However, being different from them is not bad at all. By sharing your life experience as an example, your teacher will not feel bored as he or she listens to what you are talking about. 

Be Confident While You are Talking

The main key to having a successful oral examination is by having enough confidence. Many Singaporeans are not confident of themselves, but luckily, there are many online tuitions that will help them develop their communication skills. As you take the oral examination, set aside all the nervousness you are feeling and show your teacher that you prepare well for the exam. Don’t forget to make eye contact when you are talking and maintain good posture as well.  Doing well in an oral examination simply improves your confidence from time to time.

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