Trying to Memorize but Feeling Demoralized? Here’s How to Understand Better and Faster!

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19th April 2023


Information Overload

School can be crazy and it’s way too easy to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, there seems to be an unending flood of information to absorb, process and internalize so we can score well on that big test. Every day, there’s some new idea to grasp, some new concept to master, and some new method to apply. How do we not drown in this wave of information? 

Rote learning may seem like the easy way out, but memorizing is a painful and tedious process. Worse still, attempting to memorize lot of information may end up having a demoralizing effect, as we fail to truly absorb the information and begin to lose our joy for learning! 


Understanding how to understand better 

In schools, teachers must often keep to a strict timeline of learning objectives, and may be unable to provide the in-depth explanations we need. We may come away from a class not fully understanding what we have just been taught, and as a result, what we learned may not make a lot of sense to us. 

Trying to memorize something we can’t make sense of isn’t the best way to learn. If we understand what we’re learning, however, we can make meaningful connections that give context to what we’re studying, and allow us to experience that amazing feeling of, finally, this makes sense! 

This allows us to become more confident and independent learners, who can easily and painlessly connect the dots on our own as we study. Imagine being able to read new information and just get it right away – this comes from taking time to grasp and understand previous material, and not from brainless memory work! 

Nowadays, livestreaming tuition is making it easier to sharpen your understanding skills by giving you the tools to assist you in your learning. Replay tuition sessions in your own time, as often as you like until you can understand the material. Also, a personalized dashboard can make scheduling easier by helping you keep track of your tutors and lessons, thus freeing up more brainpower to focus on your studies. 

At Cudy, we offer online tuition in Singapore. We believe there should be more to studying than memorization. With our livestreaming technology and personalized dashboard, you can enjoy easier scheduling and have the flexibility to take control of your learning needs. Register now at!

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Cudy is an online marketplace for real-time learning where students can achieve mastery over their subjects by learning live from educators who are passionate about providing the best learning experience for their students.

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