What are the Fees for School Bus Services?

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16th April 2023

In Singapore, a school bus service is offered by the government for students who live more than 2 kilometers from their schools.

The service is called School Transport Scheme, and costs $140 for an applicant’s first child and $100 for subsequent siblings. This scheme covers primary, secondary and special education schools.

In Malaysia, a school bus service is available to students. From grade 1 to 6 living in residential areas within a 5-kilometer radius of their school. Also, Students can travel free on the Transnational buses. Similarly, If they register with the relevant district education office before 31 December of each year.

Some schools also offer shuttle services for students living further away from the school (up to 10 km). In addition, these services are provided by private contractors and are paid by parents through the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

In Indonesia, there isn’t a free public transportation system for students who live too far away from their school/university. However, there are some private companies that provide such services at a cost of IDR 40-50k ($3-$4) per month per student.

What are the Fees for School Bus Services?
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In the Philippines, there is a tuition-free public transportation system available for students. However, it’s only available to primary school students.

In India, school buses have privately owned and operated by schools, NGOs, and private contractors. Bus services have provided based on school fees and distance from home to school. Also, the fees can be as high as Rs.10,000 ($150) per month in some places. But average around Rs 3000 ($50) per month.

In Sri Lanka, the government provides free transportation services to students. Who live more than 2 kilometers away from their schools. Additionally, parents have to visit their nearest education office with proof of residence, and children’s birth certificates. Before they can apply for this service.

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