10 Last-Minute PSLE Study Tips

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23rd April 2023

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What is PSLE Study Tips?

PSLE study tips are some tricks to get the best result on students' PSLE. PSLE stands for Primary School Leaving Examination. This is a national examination that students from primary school will have to take before proceeding to secondary school.

PSLE is held every year in Singapore. The PSLE score is used by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to determine if the student will be able to get into a secondary school with a specific academic stream (Normal or Express).

The PSLE score also determines the Secondary 1 academic stream for all students except those from Independent Schools or students who are exempted from taking the PSLE exam.

PSLE consists of 3 subjects: English, Mathematics, and Science. Students must sit for this examination after they reach their 7th birthday and before they turn 10 years old. The top 5% of each cohort (academic stream) will receive a literary award.

To receive an academic award, a student must obtain at least 4 credits for English, Mathematics, and Science at each level, with no subject below C6 in any examination year, or it may be taken as a subject that does not count towards the student’s final PSLE aggregate score.

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How does PSLE Affect the Student?

PSLE is one of the most important examinations in a student’s life, especially for those who have their sights set on getting into a top secondary school.

A student’s PSLE score can affect their future as they are grouped into different academic streams according to their PSLE results. Therefore, the higher the PSLE score, the better the chances of getting into a secondary school.

The child’s PSLE score will also affect their parents because it will determine if they can get their child admitted into an elite secondary school that has an academic stream of their choice.

Parents usually apply for MOE schools based on their own criteria and preferences. They are looking for a good environment and facilities that suit their child’s needs and close proximity to home.

10 Last-Minute PSLE Study Tips

Here are some tips to help you study for the PSLE:

Tip #1: Study for the PSLE Study Tips Exam Early

Even though we said "last-minute", it's still better to learn as early as possible.

It will help ensure that you are well prepared for the PSLE exam. It is best to start studying at least 6 months before the exam.

Studying early will allow you to do more constant revision, remember better and achieve better results. The earlier you start, the more time you have to revise what you have learned.

But if you don't have time or have missed your earlier start time, you can move on to the following tips.

Tip #2: Practice Tests Are Important

Make sure that you take many practice tests before your PSLE exam date. Practice tests will help you improve your test-taking skills and your test anxiety levels.

The more practice tests you take, the more comfortable and confident you will be on test day. Make sure that your practice tests are timed to be similar to the actual exam environment.

Tip #3: Make a Study Plan and Stick To It!

Make a study plan and revision schedule. Know what subjects to study and when and how much time you should spend on each topic.

This will help keep track of your progress and your learning pace, which can then be used to adjust your study plan accordingly.

Make sure that you are realistic with your study plan. If you don’t complete the study plan, you should re-adjust it to finish the remaining topics in time for the exam.

If necessary, hire a tutor for last-minute revision.

Tip #4: Use Multiple PSLE Study Tips and Techniques

You should use various study techniques to help make learning more accessible and fun. These study techniques include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Examples of visual learning include reading, watching videos, and flashcards.

Examples of auditory learning include listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Kinesthetic learning includes hands-on activities such as crafts, model building, and cooking classes.

The key is to find a variety of methods that work best for you to remember what you have learned quickly and effectively!

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Tip #5: Find Your Study Buddy or Group!

Finding a good group or buddy who shares similar goals will help motivate you to work harder during your studies because there is someone else depending on your success too!

When choosing a study buddy or group, make sure that they are compatible with each other and yourself so that there is no distraction during your sessions together.

A good study buddy or group will also help you share your knowledge and learn from each other!

Tip #6: Try to Avoid Distractions

Make sure that you have a quiet place to study. Try to avoid social media, TV, mobile phones, and the Internet. These distractions can take away your focus and concentration when looking, affecting your results.

Make sure that you don’t eat or drink too much while studying so that you don’t feel hungry or thirsty. It is best to eat before checking or after studying instead of during your study sessions.

Tip #7: Ask Your Teacher for Help!

If you have trouble understanding something in class, make sure that you ask your teacher for help immediately! The sooner you ask for help, the easier it will be for your teacher to help you understand the concept better and explain it more clearly!

Tip #8: Create Flashcards for Difficult Topics!

Flashcards are a great way to memorize complex topics because they are easy to carry around anywhere and anytime.

They are also easy to use as a quick revision tool during exam time and at home after school.

Tip #9: Set Goals and Achieve Them!

Setting goals will help you to focus on what you want to achieve. This can be anything from studying more to learning a new topic or even completing your study plan!

Make sure that you achieve your goals by setting a time limit for each plan to know when it is due. Then, you can select a daily, weekly, or monthly goal for yourself!

Tip #10: Study with Music!

Study with music in the background to help boost your concentration levels and make studying more fun and interesting. However, make sure that the music is not too loud so that it doesn’t distract you from your studies.

In Need of PSLE Tutors? Try Cudy!

There are many other study tips that you can try, but these 10 study tips should be enough to help you with your last-minute PSLE preparation.

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