Top 6 Tips For Using Videos In Your eLearning Courses

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23rd April 2023

Top 6 Tips For Using Videos In Your eLearning Courses

Videos allow for better communication between learners and instructors. For example, videos can be used to show learners how to do something.

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How To Create Engaging Videos For Your Courses

Video in eLearning has come a long way since the days of slideshows and PowerPoint. Today, video is an integral part of most eLearning courses. This article discusses how to use videos in your eLearning courses.

Why Use Videos In eLearning?

Using videos in eLearning has many advantages:

1. Better Communication

Videos allow for better communication between learners and instructors. For example, videos can be used to show learners how to do something. If you want learners to understand how a procedure works, you can use a video.

Videos can also be used to help learners learn more about a topic. It is much easier for learners to learn and remember information if they see and hear it than if they read about it or only see pictures of it. That is why most professional eLearning courses use videos as well as text. Videos make learning easier because they include visual and auditory elements that make learning more effective than simply reading text alone. This makes learning more effective because viewers absorb information more easily.

2. Improved User Interface

A video helps learners to better understand how to use a system or product. If you want learners to be able to easily use a system, then it is best if they can see how that system works without having to read instructions. Using videos can help learners do this.

3. Facilitate Different Learning Styles

In a classroom setting, learners often learn in different ways. Some learners like to read, while others prefer to listen. Using videos in eLearning courses allows you to choose which type of learning style you want your learners to use.

4. Create Memories For Your Learners

Using videos in eLearning courses is also good for making memories for your learners. You can show your learners how something was done while they were learning or make a video of an important event that happened during their training.

If you want them to remember what happened, then making a video is a good way to do this because viewers see the events as they happen and hear the voices of people involved. Videos also help learners retain information because they will be able to view it whenever they want later on, and will be able to refer back to it later whenever needed.

6 Tips To Create Good Videos

There are a few things that you should consider when creating a video for your eLearning courses. These include:

1. Be Creative

If you are planning on using videos in your eLearning courses, then be creative with how you present them. You can use videos in the form of still images, animation, or text. The choice is yours. You can even combine several different forms of media into one video so that viewers get a sense of movement in the video when they watch it.

2. Have An Effective Message To Deliver Through Videos

Once you have decided on the best way to present your videos, then it is time to think about the message or idea you want to deliver through them. If possible, try to think about what main points are important for your viewers to learn from these videos and use these as a basis for writing your scripts for these videos. This will make them more effective and interesting for viewers. You should also include specific actions that viewers can take after watching the videos so that they are more likely to do so.

3. Keep Them Short

Videos should be kept short so that they are easy to watch and don’t get boring after a while. Try to keep your videos under ten minutes long so that viewers can easily watch them without getting bored or distracted. Also, try not to use too many different videos in one course. This may cause confusion for viewers and make them feel like they are being rushed through a course.

4. Be Simple

Don’t try to make your videos too complicated. Make sure that you keep them simple and clear so that they are easy to understand. Use simple, straightforward language that everyone can understand, with no complicated words or expressions.

5. Avoid A Lot Of Graphics

It is not necessary to use a lot of HD graphics in your lesson videos. Try to avoid using them, if possible, because they can make your videos look complicated and overwhelming. Instead, use photos and simple illustrations.

6. Avoid Loud Music

You should avoid using loud music in your videos because it can make them sound too busy and distracting. Instead, use simple background music to add to the atmosphere of a video. You can also add some sound effects to add to a video’s atmosphere.

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