10 Tips To Make The Most Out of The Virtual Classroom

Written By: Cudy

19th September 2018

Here are some tips and tricks for you to maximize the most out of your online-learning lessons with Cudy.

  1. Fill ¾ of the screen with your face. Sit close to the webcam.
  2. Use a headset with a talk piece (e.g. iPhone headphones).
  3. Hit “T” or the microphone icon to talk.
  4. Stop eating during lessons. Leave that Mee-siam till after class
  5. Look at the camera instead of the screen. Maintain eye-contact to appear engaging and personable.
  6. Eliminate distractions. Silence your phone. Ask your family members to steer clear during lessons.
  7. Sit in a well-lit area. Avoid sitting in-front of your window. Nobody wants to see a blob of shadow
  8. Press the “Hands Up” button if you have a question. No need to flap your hand
  9. Talk slow. Don’t Rush. No one is going to interrupt you.
  10. Find your peers a distraction? Click the eye icon to hide your peers

Start taking charge of your learning today!

Use these tips and apply them to any type of online lessons! Ease the transition from offline to online learning while reaping the most benefits Cudy has to offer! Head on over to Cudy to enjoy your first class free!

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