Are Having Skills More Important than a Degree?

Written By: Alexander Lim

23rd April 2023

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This question is the crux of the whole matter. It has been, for some time, a major point of contention among the employers, who say that a degree is still very important than skills in the hiring process.

However, it's no longer just a job seekers who disagree with this. Even some of the employers have started to question their motives in hiring.

As a result, they are making it mandatory for the job seekers to get a training to sharpen their skills before they are hired. And with online lessons and videos, it is no longer hard to get training.

The Importance of Skills in a Disrupted World

In a global economy where digital disruption is making itself a real threat to certain jobs, taking up skills to nurture interest and talent is important. In a meritocratic country such as Singapore, they are now increasingly viewed as important and complementary to degrees.

I believe that Cudy will be able to address the needs of the new generation of life-long learners. The constant need to learn and upgrade will be integral to career success - in an affordable, effective and sustainable way.

Read more about what Singapore is doing to prepare its workforce for an environment of constant change. Find out if skills are valued as much as degrees in Singapore.

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Cudy offers online tuition in Singapore. Find out more about Cudy today. We are always expanding our courses and services to fulfill the needs of our students.

Written by

Alexander Lim

Alexander is the Founder and Chief Executive of Cudy, heading the company's business development, partnerships, collaborations, marketing and fundraising.

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