15 Benefits of eLearning: Time to convince the naysayers!

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22nd April 2023

15 Benefits of eLearning: Time to convince the naysayers!

While the eLearning industry is becoming more mainstream, there are still many people who think it’s a fad or that it will go away. It’s up to us to prove them wrong. To help you do that, here are 15 benefits of eLearning.

1. eLearning is the fastest way to get people up to speed on new information.

Whether it’s in the form of an online course, an eLearning game, or a video demonstration, people learn better when they’re engaged.

2. eLearning can be used as a training supplement for in-person training.

If you can’t bring people together in the same place, at least you can bring them together online.

3. eLearning helps eliminate geographical barriers.

People are able to collaborate and communicate online regardless of where they live or work.

4. eLearning can reduce travel costs for your organization.

If people are already spending time on their computers, why not get them to spend that time learning?

5. eLearning is great for new hires because it’s often the first time they interact with your company culture and mission statement (even if it’s virtual).

The more consistent your eLearning is with what happens in the real world, the better it will prepare new hires for what they’ll encounter on the job.

6. eLearning can help you stay competitive in today’s marketplace because employees need to learn new skills faster than ever before.

That means that if your employees aren’t learning quickly enough, you may find yourself behind the curve and struggling to compete against other companies who are embracing eLearning.

7. eLearning can help your employees get up to speed on the latest information about your company.

The most effective eLearning doesn’t just teach new skills, it also reinforces the culture and values of your organization.

8. eLearning can save money on printing costs.

Why print something if you can distribute it electronically? It’s much cheaper and easier to store a PDF file than it is to store boxes of paper.

9. eLearning is flexible and convenient for both employees and employers.

Employees don’t have to leave their homes or offices, and employers don’t have to hire additional staff or schedule additional training sessions in order to provide training for their employees.

10. eLearning can reduce employee turnover by providing valuable, on-demand training opportunities that make people feel more confident in their roles at work.

When people feel confident in their jobs, they are less likely to leave them (especially if they like what they do).

11. eLearning can help you meet compliance requirements faster than ever before.

Many companies struggle with compliance requirements because it takes a lot of time to create and deliver traditional training programs that satisfy all of the required learning objectives. With eLearning, you can create a single training program that covers all of the learning objectives for a compliance requirement and distribute it to everyone in your organization.

12. eLearning can be more cost-effective than traditional training programs.

Since eLearning is more flexible and convenient, it costs less to produce than traditional training programs. Plus, since you can use eLearning to provide the same training content in multiple formats (e.g., video, podcast, game), you don’t have to pay for multiple production cycles or as many different resources (e.g., voice talent, writers).

13. eLearning can help you build a competitive advantage by providing an easy way for employees to learn new skills and information whenever they need it.

When employees are able to learn new skills on their own time and at their own pace, they feel more confident about their roles at work. And when people feel confident in their jobs, they are less likely to leave them (especially if they like what they do).

14. eLearning can help employees save time by eliminating the need for travel time and training sessions outside of regular business hours.

If employees are already spending time on their computers, why not get them to spend that time learning?

15. eLearning can be an effective way to make training more engaging for employees.

If people are engaged in the learning process, they are more likely to retain the information they learn and apply it in their daily work.

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