4 Tips To Conquer Procrastination

Written By: Cudy

23rd April 2023

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If you’re a living, breathing human being, chances are that the concept of procrastination isn’t foreign to you. I mean all of us has had experienced it at some point in our lives, possibly even now.

Essentially, procrastination is just resistance that entices you to delay and postpone something.


Why do we procrastinate?

If you think about it, it makes no sense for a person to sabotage themselves and choose a road that hurts their performance. An image of a person who is lazy or difficult with time-management normally pops up when probed about the traits of a master procrastinator. However, a procrastinator’s ability to estimate time is no different from you and me.


While the reasons for procrastination vary, factors, why others procrastinate, is usually a result of:

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Success
  • Perfectionism


But the good news: you don’t have to keep procrastinating. You can choose to get rid of these tendencies and guarantee a procrastination-free life!


Plan your schedule

Get a planner or a calendar that you keep nearby (physical or digital is fine) and write down the tasks assigned to you. More often than not, the only reason why we put off our tasks is that we let it pile up and once we start, we get overwhelmed. However, something as simple as writing it down physically breaks down your task and nudges you to start on the important ones, giving you a target to meet. Not only does it organize your goals, it also motivates you to continue once you finish a task. After all, nothing is more satisfying than ticking an item off your list.


Do the most unpleasant task

We often tend to procrastinate on the tasks that are seemingly boring, time-consuming and unappealing (every bad-name in the book can’t describe how much we don’t want to do it). As such, we often push it off into the last item in our list. However, the right way is to usually get the hard task over and done with first instead of starting off with the simpler tasks. Not only will completing the harder tasks remove the unnecessary fear and anxiety that spills onto other tasks, it will also further motivate you to continue with your other tasks.


Think! The pride you feel when you complete that English essay


Get Accountable

Tell a friend, a family member. Hell, put it on Instagram or Snapchat if you will! Start getting accountable for your work. Every time you inform someone, there’s a heavier consequence and punishment when you stray away from your work or objective. Pretty sure your procrastination tendencies doesn’t stand a chance against the embarrassment you feel when your friends end up poking fun at your progress and guilt you back into your work (been there, done that, never want to go back).


You don’t want to be that person who’s all talk and end up doing nothing, right?


Start small

“Just do it!”. Ah, the inevitable cliché all procrastinators are tired of hearing. Asking a chronic procrastinator to “Just do it” is often as useless as saying “Cheer up” to a clinically depressed person. Now, don’t get any crazy ideas when I say just do it.

But seriously, sometimes all you need is to start.

Especially for procrastinators looking to change their ways, it’s important to take small sprints instead of marathons. It’s important for us to realize that sometimes its more productive to spread out our task instead of cramming it all in one night.


As former students ourselves, the troubles students face is what drives us at Cudy. We understand the problems students have when trying to kill that procrastination fever. Hence, we aim to mould our platform into the solution for against procrastinators by creating a simplified platform for students to easily start studying online!

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Cudy is an online marketplace for real-time learning where students can achieve mastery over their subjects by learning live from educators who are passionate about providing the best learning experience for their students.

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