5 Factors that Make a Good Preschool Curriculum

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3rd April 2021

As a teacher, you need to know how to choose the best preschool curriculum for your classroom. There are many factors that make a good preschool curriculum. Here are five of them:

1.Does it have a holistic approach?

A good preschool curriculum will give the child an integrated approach. The main purpose is integratio towards learning, and not just focus on the cognitive aspects of learning.

The activities in a good preschool curriculum will promote physical development, emotional growth, social skills and language skills as well.

It will also cover all the areas of development that a child needs during this important stage of their life, like: cognitive development, physical development, social-emotional development and language development

2. Is it age appropriate?

When choosing a preschool curriculum you should make sure it is age appropriate for your students.

A curriculum that has activities that are too difficult for young children or too easy for older children is not going to be effective in teaching your students what they need to learn at this stage in their lives.

Look for something that matches your students’ ages exactly so they can really learn what they need to learn and not get frustrated by having too hard or too easy lessons every day.

3. Is it motivating?

A good preschool curriculum should be motivating enough so that your students want to work hard during class time because they want the rewards at the end!

If you have trouble getting them excited about school during lessons, then maybe you need some new activities or rewards or just different materials!

Make sure you find some fun things like games and crafts.

Similarly, as things like stickers and certificates with stars on them if you can because these types of things motivate kids because they get some kind of reward at the end when they finish working hard!

4. Is it hands-on?

A good preschool curriculum will be hands-on, with lots of opportunities for your students. To work with materials and not just sit and listen to you talk.

Activities that are hands-on allow students to learn by doing, which is one of the best ways for them to learn!

5. Is it full of fun?

A good preschool curriculum will be full of fun! It should have activities that your students enjoy doing because they will want to do them over and over again!

If you find a curriculum that has a lot of fun activities but they aren’t working hard enough, try some harder activities as well so they get challenged but also have fun at the same time.

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