5 Reasons for the Popularity of Singapore Math

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31st July 2021

Singapore Math is an intensive curriculum taught in both English and Chinese. The syllabus is designed to be a fast track to fluency in math.

Reason # 1: Singapore math teaches children to understand math as a process of discovery, not just a collection of rules to be memorized

The key word here is “process.” Cities are the process by which humans organize themselves in order to solve problems and accomplish goals. Mathematics is a process by which we explore the world around us.

The goal of Singapore math is to have children understand math as a process. That is, children should learn to use math as a tool to solve problems and make decisions in the real world.

This is a departure from many traditional approaches to math instruction where children are taught a series of rules.

The teacher’s role is to act as a mind reader, and the student’s job is to memorize the rules and apply them to given situations. The Singapore approach is to let the student discover the rules.

This lets the student explore the underlying concepts. It lets the student make sense of abstract concepts. It lets the student appreciate the beauty of mathematics.

Reason # 2: Emphasizes real-life math applications

In Singapore math, children are encouraged to tackle real-world problems in a playful manner. They are not forced to memorize procedures and use them blindly on the test.

For example, children has asked to design a flag pole for the school, or design a new game for a PTA fundraiser. Children got the question of coming up with ideas for a family picnic.

Reason # 3: Singapore math focuses on the understanding of concepts, not the memorization of procedures

In Singapore math, children are never memorize a series of procedures and use them blindly on the test.

Instead, they are taught to use a set of procedures to solve a problem. Singapore math also teaches children to think mathematically.

Reason # 4: Teaches children to think mathematically

In Singapore math, children are encouraged to explore mathematical concepts in their own ways.

This gives the children a sense of ownership over their learning. It also allows them to internalize the concepts in a meaningful way, leading to a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Reason # 5: Singapore math is not a passing fad, but a long-term approach

Singapore math has been in use in the Singapore schools for the past 30 years. It is a not a passing fad. It has proven to be a very successful and popular approach to math education.

Many other countries in Asia are following suit. For example, the Chinese government has been actively translating Singapore math textbooks into Chinese.

In summary, there are many reasons why Singapore math is a very successful approach to math education. It is a fun approach to math education and it fosters a love for math.

Additionally, It instills in children a mathematical mentality. Also, it teaches kids how to use math as a problem-solving method. It is a long-term solution to math education, not a passing fad.

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