6 Incredible Ways to Create the Perfect Learning Environment for Your Online Tuition Classes

Written By: Cudy

21st April 2023


The learning environment can be the biggest challenge for the tuition centers in Singapore as they are so many students who prefer the same respective tutor. Thus, managing and catering up with large demand does require a sort of extraordinary intelligence.

Sometimes, it gets really hard for the teacher to maintain a positive learning environment online. Students of small age are unaware of their environment thus parents have to play a part in redefining their surrounding environment.

As students get mature, they start to realize that their surrounding environment is impacting their ability to grasp and absorb the necessary information. Every minor detail or activity easily distracts some students.

  1. Students should engage deliberately, and we should encourage them to ask many questions. In an ideal learning environment, the tutor will not have to over think about each and every student. We would give all the students ample opportunity.
  2. Both the tutor and students would be aware of their distractions if any. You can sort visual distractions out by closing the door and reducing the number of items present in the room. You can sort auditory distractions out by placing your phone at a faraway place and limiting the number of electronic devices.
  3. The tutor should sync his environment with the students so that both parties can feel the same energy and study in great collaboration with each other. In Singapore, many people follow the trend of conventional learning. In online tutoring, students are more focused towards the end results and it is easier to maintain the ideal learning environment.
  4. The tutor should make the student aware of his strengths and weaknesses and provides feedback at all the different instances. The tutor should work to bring continuous improvement in the learning environment. They can make the learning environment more productive through the use of technology. Online learning does not mean that the students have no right to be social, thus schedule should be very flexible.
  5. Expose your students to external resources and media so that they stay engaged. Refer other courses to the students that can enhance the skills in which they are lacking such as communication skills. Tutors should ensure that they have full control over the mindset and environment of the student. Tutors should inform the students about upcoming lessons and stay in contact with the students online.
  6. Ask your students how an ideal environment should look like and seek their reviews. Trust the inner instinct of your students and plan a suitable learning strategy for them. Consider online classroom as a real-world classroom and take most out of its advantages.

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Cudy is an online marketplace for real-time learning where students can achieve mastery over their subjects by learning live from educators who are passionate about providing the best learning experience for their students.

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