6 reasons to upgrade professionally in Data and Analytics

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22nd April 2023

6 reasons to upgrade professionally in Data and Analytics

1. Networking opportunities

In the course of your career, you will have to interact with other professionals from different industries. These interactions are necessary for your professional growth and development.

The number of people you can interact with in the Data and Analytics domain is larger than in other domains, because this is a new field and most professionals are still learning how to use data effectively.

2. Getting into the analytics field

Many organizations want their employees to learn analytics, but do not have resources to train them on it. So they outsource the training to consultants or data scientists who are capable of providing the training at a reasonable cost.

This opens up opportunities for those who want to get into this field, as they can offer their services as a consultant or data scientist for short term projects. These projects could be one-off assignments or projects that span over several months or years, depending on what you choose to do after graduating from college.

For example, if you are pursuing a degree in Mathematics or Statistics, you can become a freelance consultant after graduating and work on assignments that interest you in the Analytics domain while working towards getting your Masters degree (and possibly working towards your PhD).

You may also choose to join an organization and gain work experience before you start your own consulting firm.

3. Increase in salary

Many professionals who are well versed in Data and Analytics have the potential to earn a high salary in their career. The average salary for a Data Scientist is $130,000 per year in the US, according to PayScale.

This figure can vary depending on the region and other factors, but it shows that there is a lot of potential for professionals who want to learn this field. You can find more information about salaries for Data Scientists here.

4. Learn from experts

As mentioned earlier, Data and Analytics is a new field and there are not many experts available to train others on it. However, you can find many experts who are willing to train you if you show interest in learning analytics from them.

Many of these experts will provide free training as well as paid training depending on what they have to offer and what you want to learn from them. For example, one of my professors provided me with some free training on Big Data while I was still studying at university (and after I graduated).

He gave me access to his course materials online so that I could study it at my own pace outside of class hours, and he even gave me some extra resources that he had prepared for his students.

5. Learn new technologies

The ability to learn new technologies is one of the key skills that data scientists should have. This is because there are always new tools and technologies being released in the market, and you need to be able to learn these tools as they come out in order to stay ahead of the competition.

For example, you can start with SQL and Python and then move on to more advanced tools like R, Hadoop, Spark, and so on. The field of Data and Analytics is expanding rapidly so you will never run out of things to learn.

6. Career opportunities

Data and Analytics is a very fast growing field so it has a lot of potential for career growth for those who are interested in it. In fact, there are many jobs available for Data Scientists all over the world because most organizations need their employees to know how to use data effectively in order to remain competitive in their respective industries.

For example, here are some of the top companies that are hiring Data Scientists right now: Google, Facebook, IBM Watson Analytics Cloud (for Business), Accenture Labs (Business Consulting), Morgan Stanley (Financial Services), Deloitte Digital (Business Consulting), and Capital One (Financial Services).

Here are some of the top jobs for Data Scientists that you can look for right now:

Data Scientist

This is a job that involves working with data to find useful insights. Data Scientists also develop and maintain the software that is used to analyze data. This is a job that involves working with data to find useful insights. Data Scientists also develop and maintain the software that is used to analyze data.

Business Intelligence (BI) Manager

This job involves making business decisions based on the data available in an organization. BI Managers work closely with Data Scientists, as they have access to the information generated by Data Scientists and they can use it to make decisions for their organization.

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