7 tips for the day before the PSLE

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23rd March 2021

Here are the 7 tips for the day before the PSLE, as follows:

Tip 1: Go to bed early

The night before your PSLE, go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.

Tip 2: Eat a good breakfast the next morning

Eat a good breakfast the next morning. Your brain needs energy to function well during the test. If you have time, eat something small like a toast with peanut butter and honey or porridge in the morning.

Tip 3: Take care of your health that day

Be sure to take care of your health that day. Make sure you do not have any stomach ache or toothache before the test.

Because it can distract you from your work. It is also important to stay hydrated and have enough rest so that you can be at your best for the test.

If you are ill or feeling unwell, talk to your parents about whether it is okay for you to take the test that day. Also ask them if they think it is best for you to reschedule for another day.

If you are feeling very sick, don’t worry too much about missing this year’s PSLE because there will be another one next year! Stay healthy and make sure that when you do take it, you will do well!

Tip 4: Pack all necessary things into your bag in advance

It is important to pack all necessary things into your bag in advance so that when exam time comes, there will be no last minute panics as you rush around trying to find what you need!

Make sure that everything is in its place and nothing is forgotten at home!

Tip 5: Arrive early at school

It is important to arrive early at school on exam day so that there will be no stress rushing around looking for classrooms and exam rooms!

Tip 6: Eat something small before the exam

There are no snacks allowed during exams so it’s important not only on exam day but also during revision time (if possible) to eat something small.

Such as an apple or a piece of bread so that if any hunger pangs come up during exams, they can be dealt with quickly and easily!

Tip 7: Relax

Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing can help calm down nerves which can help relieve stress and anxiety while preparing for exams such as PSLE.

They can also help boost memory power while taking exams! A couple of relaxation techniques which can help include deep breathing exercises.

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