9 Ways to Prevent Tween Behavior Problem in Singapore

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23rd April 2023

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In Singapore, there are many parents who have problems dealing with the behavior of their children whose age are between 11 to 14 years old. The most common problem of Singaporean parents is when they ask their children to do a simple task or just even asking some questions without reacting harshly. Some parents are also problematic about their children because of sudden change once they reach the stage of being a tween – and many Singaporean parents are frustrated about it. 

If you have children in his/her tween years and often encounter such situations, it will surely break your heart and you tend to ask yourself if you raise them in the right way. We know exactly how you feel and don’t stress and worry yourself out. There are proven ways to avoid these situations to keep from happening over and over again. 

What is a Tween?

Honestly speaking, even Singaporean experts are divided in their opinions on what is exactly a tween and when it really starts. However, tweens are children whose age is between 9-14 years old and showing signs of a sudden change in behavior. 

Why Tween Behavior is So Unpredictable?

If your children are only a few inches until teenage years, eventually, they will start to try different things including being independent. Many Singaporean moms are having a hard time dealing with their own children because of this matter. They say that their children keep on doing things independently without seeking approval first or help if needed. 

There’s nothing wrong about being independent, but tweens are not matured enough to come up with proper and right decisions. Lacking necessary information and not able to decide properly will get them in trouble here in Singapore. As a parent, do not leave your children alone and continue to discipline them at all costs. If you leave them with no guidance at all, there is a huge possibility that bad behavior will be developed in their personality. 

Proven Ways to Avoid Tween Behavior Problems in Singapore

Disciplining your children with a tween behavior problem might sound tricky. You need to be a smart and tough parent. Here are the 9 ways to prevent tween behavior problems in Singapore:

  • Lay the rules and set consequences.
  • Write the rules on a paper as proof because your children might end up asking you about this. 
  • Stay firm and be strict in implementing the rules you have made. 
  • Ensure to identify, explain, and elaborate which certain rules are non-negotiable. 
  • Be a model – from the way you speak to the way you act.
  • Teach about responsibility and show them the real meaning of it through your actions.
  • Keep an eye on their lives and don’t leave them alone – even if they are bothered.
  • Don’t judge them as if they are the only tweens who have behavioral problems in Singapore. 
  • Be a friend when they need one. Listen to them and make some advice. 

As a parent, we, at Cudy, really know how you feel about raising and disciplining a tween. Also, parents always want the best for them, especially when it comes to their education.  At Cudy, offers tuition classes which will help your tweens learn a lot of things, not only academically, but also about real-life situations. With online tuition, your tweens can work freely based on his/her schedule. Head on to https://www.cudy.co to learn more about how online tuition can help your child big time! 

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