Are Co-Curricular Activities Important?

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13th January 2021

Co-curricular activities are important in a school. Because, it allows students to explore their interests and develop skills outside of the classroom. It helps them find out what they are interested in. Also, it gives them the chance to try different things to see what they are good at.

Singaporean students take part in a variety of co-curricular activities, such as music, sports, art, dance and uniformed groups. Most schools offer a range of different co-curricular activities that allow students to choose something that suits them.

Why is it important for students to take part in Co-curricular Activities?

Students should take part in co-curricular activities for several reasons:

1) It promotes good health: Taking part in various extracurricular activities helps keep you fit by keeping you active. It also allows you to discover which sport or activity you may enjoy most as well as improving your skills. Being physically active can also help reduce stress which can lead to better mental health.

2) It promotes social interaction: Most co-curricular activities are team-based. This means that students will have to work with their peers to achieve a common goal. This type of role-playing in a safe environment allows students to learn how to work together and communicate well with others.

3) It develops skills: Co-curricular activities allow students to develop self-confidence, problem solving skills and time management as well as leadership skills. They also promote creativity and help you set goals.

How is the spirit of co-curricular activities encourage in schools?

The spirit of co-curricular activities recognition in schools by encouraging students to be active members of the school community. Schools encourage this by having open house events. They invite parents into their classrooms or host an event that showcases the different types of extracurricular activities offered at the school.

Schools also encourage student participation by being supportive of any clubs or groups they are part of. Such as, uniformed bodies or sports teams. They can do this by providing support for these groups and providing facilities and equipment for them. Such as funding, uniforms or access to facilities like gyms and swimming pools.

Schools can also boost student participation by providing support and guidance for teachers. To help them develop their skills through training, development or workshops.

Final Thoughts

Taking part in extra curricular activities, whether it is a sport, art form or club, is a great way to involve in the school community and boost your social skills. Consequently, it also allows you to gain new skills and experience something outside of the classroom.

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