Best Method to Teach Students with Low Attention Span

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24th April 2023

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The best method to teach a student with low attention span is to present a lot of information in small chunks that can be easily digested. You can use different methods to do this, such as providing them with short videos, reading material, or using flashcards.

As stated before, the key is to think of ways to keep them engaged and interested in the material at hand. If you do this, they'll be more likely to pay attention and absorb what they're being taught.

Provide Them With a Study Guide

I'm sure you've seen these types of study guides before: they are usually found in bookstores or academic stores, and range from inexpensive to expensive depending on their length and content (some are made specifically for an individual class or subject).

Typically, these guides contain information that is related to the class, and they are designed to be helpful in reviewing material for a test or quiz. They can be used as a study guide, a refresher course, or as a quick review before an exam.

You might not think it's possible, but you can make your own study guide for students with ADD or ADHD! You can begin by writing down a list of facts or key points that your student should know.

The next step is to organize the information in an easy to understand way, such as using bulleted sentences or short paragraphs.

You can even create a study guide that is interactive by using flashcards, pictures, or music. The key is to make it visually appealing and fun for your student to use; they'll more likely want to use it if it's enjoyable rather than a boring text-based document.

Auditory learners may benefit from audio recordings of the material, and visual learners may appreciate color-coded notes or diagrams.

By creating a custom study guide, you can help your student focus on the material that is most important to them. A study guide specifically tailored to their needs will help them to stay organized and motivated to learn.

Child development professionals can also use study guides as a means to assess a student’s academic performance and progress in a specific subject. Creating a study guide is a great way to help your student improve their understanding of a topic, and it can be beneficial to all types of learners.

Set Up Homework Time

Homework time can be one of those things that you just have to tackle head-on and do your best not to lose too much sleep over, right? It's actually much easier than you might think. First, you need to set a specific time for homework.

Is your child able to complete their homework for the day in one sitting? If so, that's great! If not, then they'll need a designated time to finish it every day without distractions. This will also help them get into the habit of finishing their work on time.

After you've figured out how much time is going to be spent on homework, it's time to set up a designated area for them to do it in.

This can be a desk or table in their room, or even an area on the kitchen table if you have a family computer or laptop that everyone uses. The point is that the location is easy to access and is free from distractions.

It may help to provide your student with earphones so they can listen to music while doing their homework; this will keep the noise level down in your house (or apartment) and reduce any distractions caused by siblings or other family members.

Shorter attention spans require more frequent breaks, so be sure to build in time for the student to take a break in a period of time, have a snack, and get some fresh air.

You can also try to keep the student engaged by making lesson activities more interactive, such as having them work with a partner or in small groups. Finally, make sure to keep the material engaging and interesting, as this will help keep the student engaged and focused.

Some effective methods tips above can be used in a daily life.

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