Choosing between Junior College and Polytechnic

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16th April 2023

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5 tips when choosing between Junior College and Polytechnic in Singapore

Education is one’s first asset, to pay the “life mortgage” more wisely by investing into education. Parents choose whether to send their son or daughter to Junior College or Polytechnic.

Both junior college and Polytechnic follow the Singapore government “Personalized Learning” Initiatives. Hence, it allows different types of personal learning methods. Such as, self-paced learning to provide a more flexible curriculum, and achieve better results.

In addition, there are other variables to consider. Such as, secondary schools’ reputation and examination results. In addition, the local and overall government’s support for Polytechnic/JC education.

As the parent who has gone through the selection process. Before deciding whether or not to send my son to JC. I have the following recommendations when deciding to send my son to JC.

5 Points to Consider When Attending Junior College Apart from SVQ

Student-centric Education

Graduates from Polytechnic are more technical in nature while the focus of JC education is more student-centered. Some may wonder if Polytechnic graduates are “too particular” or “too technical”.

However, companies actually pay especially well for technical assistants like graphic designers and IT engineers. What employers really want are employees who have technical capability but also have concepts and discipline.

Emphasis on results & quality

Polytechnic education is for those who want to avoid the more challenging exams. Such as L1ABC, which can allow them to obtain high results that are recognized and accredited by business, etc.

Polytechnic education emphasizes more on the practical industry skills. To gain versus the pure academic results without many real world industry connections.

While JC is more focused on academic direction ability. The subjects are considered more high level and higher quality to ensure that the local and overall.

Singapore educational system continues to give out reputable high quality graduates. Students that are “mature” level are generally taken into JC over Polytechnic. Their accomplishments orientally are more academic rather than technical.

Philosophy and Results

Comparing the philosophies of learning between Polytechnic and JC. In fact, JC is more freeform learning system in which the students choose freely their own subjects they want to study.

Polytechnic usually may not have such freedom of choice but they do have their own unique ways of conducting classes and working at times. Places like the “Artwork” class room use the method of go self-paced (recommended for those who are able to manage their time effectively).

Likewise, other places have a system of teaching technology skills through different mediums of courses like lectures, demos, projects, and laboratories instead of classroom learning.

Many Poly countries have learned its best if you give your students the freedom to learn and take ownership of teaching their own concepts, versus the need to follow a rigid step by step curriculum.

At Choice Kingdom, our teachers are using real life practical material. They have highly experienced at and able to trace back to those taught concepts which they learnt earlier as students or taught later at work.


Technical schools may be located in different places and easily personalized for students from closer locations to travel to while JC is all over Singapore.

On flip side, Polytechnic does have better reputation among secondary school students which they may refer if you had a choice to defer your future career.

Since, it is a well known for producing good engineering degree holders and some specialties such as Artificial Intelligence. A very important factor yes, but you can’t always get everything you want.

For parents with two children, I recommend to send your child to a JC in the north because of its many educational opportunities and broader value to your loved ones.


Students are classified in JC based on their Secondary School Certificate scores and their character, and in Polytechnic is the same but Poly students would generally have higher SAT scores.

By referring to your child’s ABC5 score in secondary school, you can decide what decision to make. The decision you make in the end. They will always be committed and will work hard to do the work.

They need to do best because in the end, it is they who are counting how much time they put in. Do not put your old projects in places where it borrows time from more important work., reminds Novelty CEO Mr. Jae Chang.

Bur first let’s think big and beyond things that you want to do in future, let’s think responsibility to yourself, family, close friends work colleagues and the entire earth that could be easily sink because of despair should you consider just yourself.

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