Cudy Slides: New and free presentation web-based software aims to change the way teachers and students prepare slides forever

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27th January 2021


Company Name: Cudy Pte Ltd

Product Name: Cudy Slides

Headline: New and free presentation web-based software aims to change the way teachers and students prepare slides forever.

Keywords: Free Presentation Maker, Free Web Presentation Maker, Free Web Presentation Designer

Cudy Slides is a free web-based presentation maker for students and tutors to create and design presentation slides with ease.

Many students and educators don’t want to spend the time designing their presentation slides, given the arduous and time-consuming process, so we handle that for them, by giving them currently 6 layout templates which they can use.

They can then share their slides with a unique sharing link, which also can be protected, with their peers and students during a presentation or an online lesson.

Viewers can view the slides easily on their mobile phones or on their laptop browsers. This all together makes it better and more convenient for educators and students to use as compared to Google Slides.

Users can register for an Cudy account for free and access Cudy Slides.

Cudy Technologies is now part of AWS Edstart.

AWS EdStart Tier Badge innovator cmyk.abe94a4e880779b6b4e30392594889f26d31bb52

Since December 2020, Cudy Technologies is now part of AWS Edstart. It is an initiative by AWS. The purpose is to accelerate and assist Education Technology startups in their growth plan on AWS Infrastructure.

As a AWS Partner, we can use AWS Services, at negligible cost with their provision of credits. Also, in order to build great solutions for our Customers, while growing our Business.

The AWS Edstart Programme gives us the required “Funding” to be able to do this in a fast-paced, innovative manner.

Thanks to the AWS Edstart Programme, our team was able to quickly develop and deploy Cudy Slides to the public in just 2 months.

The first step was deciding what technology stack we would use to build our product from scratch with minimum effort but maximum quality.

Here are some of the factors that led us to choose AWS: We wanted to create an web app that runs well on desktops as well as mobile devices (Android, iOS).

We didn’t want to worry about building multiple apps for different platforms. Because it would be very costly, time consuming, and require lots of resources from us. In terms of man power and money – two things that startups don’t have much of.

We wanted an easy way to integrate payment processing for businesses because they need it for all sorts of things like purchasing subscriptions, paying users who submit work done by humans etc.

Without having to worry about maintaining a server for it because most businesses just want an easy way out – not necessarily high security or highly available servers – which are very expensive too!

AWS has everything we needed right out of the box:

  • From image storage service called S3 (which we are using to store the Slide objects).
  • Hosted email service called SES (Send Email Service – used to send notification emails).
  • Scalable compute service called EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud – to host our Cudy Slide servers).
  • RDS (Relational Database Service) for storing data etc., so we didn’t have to worry about building our own infrastructure for any of these things.

The pricing was very competitive and the free tier is good enough for our MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We had a great experience using AWS services while building our previous product, Cudy 3.0, so we knew it would be a great fit for us.

Cudy Slides is a content sharing feature that allows tutors to make their own high-quality slides. Cudy makes it possible for you to reach out to prospective students in the most effective way. Create an account now!

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