Does Your Child Have More Enrichment Classes Than She Can Handle?

Written By: Cudy

7th April 2021

A lot of parents think that more is better when it comes to enrichment classes. That’s just not true. You can overload your child and do more harm than good.

There are a few things you should consider before signing up for any classes:

What are your child’s interests?

How does she learn best? (If you know that, then you know what kind of class will be most beneficial for her.)

Does she already have a full schedule of classes? If so, do some go together with others or conflict with each other?

What about her social life? Is she getting enough time with friends and family members, or is she missing out on other important relationships because of all the enrichment classes she’s in?

If you don’t have the answers, it doesn’t mean that you should stop enrolling your child in enrichment classes. It just means that you need to slow down and get the information you need before continuing.

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