Foster Positive Learning in your Child

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4th June 2021

When children learn to work through their feelings and learn to control their behavior. They will be able to successfully interact with others. Here are some tips for fostering positive learning in your child:

Help your child identify his feelings. Encourage him to name the emotion he is feeling (sad, angry, happy, etc.). When he does this, validate it. Let him know that it is okay to feel that way.

Create a “feelings chart” where your child can write down. To describe what he is feeling and rate his feelings on a scale of 1-10. This will help him become more aware of his emotions. Also, develop a way to express them in a positive manner.

Use positive learning and reinforcement as often as possible. Especially when your child displays good behavior or takes responsibility for something he has done wrong. This will help encourage positive behaviors and discourage negative ones.

Encourage your child to talk about his feelings. If he is having a difficult time, help him find ways to express himself.

Teach your child the concept of “self-talk” or “positive self-talk.”Let him know that it is okay to talk to himself in a positive manner. Consequently, that negative self-talk is never acceptable.

Help your child learn how to manage his emotions by asking him questions. Regarding what he can do when he feels angry or sad. Let him identify ways that he can calm himself down or deal with the situation.

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